Even Celebs Can’t Escape From Acne!

Even Celebs Can’t Escape From Acne!

Celebrities that appear on commercials on magazines and in the television often seem to have the most perfect skin. This may seem natural because, as celebrities, their biggest asset is on how they look. They may have the money to spend on facial treatments all year long but even the mighty and most powerful in the world of show business cannot escape from acne!

One of the primary causes for an acne breakout is the lack of proper rest and who can blame the celebrities for having acne with their stressful lifestyle. Most of the time the celeb is careful enough to not leave their residences without first putting on makeup however some sneaky photographers have managed to snap a couple of photos of famous celebrities going au-naturel.

1. Britney Spears


Perhaps one of the most iconic celebrities in the world of pop, this princess cannot escape from being one of the many celebrities with acne problems. There is more than meets the eye with this young mother of 31 years of age. She now tends to her career as a singer whilst juggling her responsibilities of being a good mother to her two children. This stressful life makes Britney one of the top 10 celebrities with acne on this list.

2. Rihanna


The next celeb with similar acne problems is this feisty singer. She is currently a full time recording artist and juggles a side career as an actress. She has almost double the weight load at work than most other celebs which makes it easy for Rihanna to be one of the top celebrities with acne scars. As can be shown in this picture, she seems to have a minor acne problem which should be easily solved once she sees her personal dermatologist.

3. Victoria Beckham


Being the wife of one of the most iconic soccer players in the world can be very stressful. Not only that, Victoria also manages her own line of clothing and fragrance products which means she leads a very productive yet hectic life alongside Becks. She also has 4 beautiful children to tend to so who can really say how much responsibility she juggles every day? The only telltale sign is that Victoria cannot escape being one of the acne celebrities.

4. Alicia Keys


Another one of the top celebrities with acne problems is Alicia, who is a mother and also an actress and a song writer. While she tries her best to cover up her face and trying to avoid from being seen as one of the top celebrities with acne scars, people still managed to take a snapshot of Alicia and her acne problem.

5. Katie Price


One of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Katie is only 34 years of age but has accomplished so much. This includes being a successful former glamor model, author, and an English media personality. What she was not so successful in doing was covering up her acne with some makeup, landing her a spot in one of the top celebrities with acne scars.

6. Megan Fox


This famous actress made nerds everywhere swoon when she starred in the Transformers movie series. As hot as she is on screen, offset she battles her own demons as can be seen in the picture below. Megan Fox does not escape being one of the top 10 celebrities with acne and that is a shame.

7. Cameron Diaz


As an actress with acne-prone skin, life has been tough for her as she battles with keeping her acne under control when she isn’t surrounded by her makeup artists. This just proves that celebrities are human like us, where they also face the same problems that we face daily and this makes Cameron Diaz one of the top 10 celebrities with acne.

8. Jessica Alba


At the mature age of 31, Jessica Alba has achieved more in her life than most people. She leads a career being a mother, model and actress. This hectic life probably resulted in her having acne as can be seen in the photo below.

9. Miley Cyrus


Being Miley Cyrus is hard. You have to constantly perform in front of crowds in an over-booked stadium while trying to maintain the perfect image of yourself. Try as she might, Miley fails to complete cover up her acne with makeup.

10. Kate Moss


Kate Moss may be approaching the age of 40 but she is still very much active in her role as a model and mother. Unfortunately even she does not escape from acne problems making her one of the top 10 celebrities with acne.

So next time you feel odd about your acne problem, just have a look at this list, get up and get going!!

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