5 Things To Do Before Going For A Morning Jog

5 Things To Do Before Going For A Morning Jog

You did it! You woke up early, laced up your running shoes, and you are just about to walk out the front door to go for that AM jog around the neighborhood. Good for you! Getting up is half the battle. I don’t even think running is the hard part. It’s literally waking up that kills you. However, before you grab your headphones, there are 5 things you need to remember to do before you take off running.

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1. Eat a small meal

Don’t load up on pancakes and bacon, but a small granola bar or a cup of dry cereal is just enough to kickstart your metabolism and give you enough energy to actually get through your run. If you don’t eat, you run the risk of getting tired halfway through. Fuel up with some food! While we are on the subject, don’t forget to eat something after your run as well. It will help your muscles recover and refuel your body.

2. Stretch

This is so important. Do you want shin splints? Do you want to be sore later tonight? I didn’t think so. Stretch those muscles! Be sure you give yourself ample time to stretch your entire body. Don’t just stretch your legs. Your whole body is working when you go for a run. Be sure you stretch everything. From your neck all the way down to your toes. You’ll be glad you did, trust me!

3. Grab your phone

Especially if you are a single lady going for a run by yourself. If your AM run is as early as 4 or 5, you need to make sure you are protected. The sun hasn’t come up yet so you need to bring your phone or pepper spray to make sure you can protect yourself in the event of an emergency. Keep working out and you’ll get big and strong enough that no one will dare to mess with you!

4. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water

Just like eating breakfast, drinking water is extra important! Your body is losing water during your workout and it’s important that you refuel with plenty of water. Drink a full glass before your run and a full glass when you get back. Then, throughout the day continue to drink six or seven more glasses. Water is so important when you are about to go for a jog. It’s what keeps your body going! Especially in this summer heat.

5. Map out your route

There are tons of apps that help you map out your run to see how far you are going and at what rate. It helps to have an app hold you accountable for your workout. If you go for a jog without at least a watch, you are more likely to give out ten minutes in. But if you have an app on your phone telling you how long you have gone and how much farther you have yet to go, it will help motivate you to finish your workout. Plus, you can see how much you improve after each morning run you take!