6 Things to Never Do with Acne

6 Things to Never Do with Acne

Some people think that acne is a condition that can be taken lightly. But, for acne sufferers, such a condition is a serious matter. These tiny bumps appearing on the face and other areas of the skin can have enormous adverse impact to an individual’s overall personality. Therefore, if you have acne it is wise to avoid doing any of the following things:

Frequent touching

Some people have made it a habit to fiddle and squeeze their acne only to realize later that these habits will only make their acne worse. Touching your acne is tantamount to spreading the infection to other areas of your face and skin. The more you touch it, the longer it will take for your skin to heal. Squeezing it may only run the risk of having indelible scars.


Excessive cleansing

Washing your face frequently and more often than needed, will only aggravate your skin and could lead to worsening of the condition. Some people afflicted with acne wrongfully believe that washing their face more often can be beneficial. However, excessive cleansing especially when done with the use of cleansers that contain different kinds of chemicals will only lead to further irritation. When this occurs, your skin will tend to produce more sebum and make it even more susceptible to acne.


Trying out miracle cures

Some people are easily lured into buying creams, ointments and other types of topical treatments claiming to cure acne in no time. Others even resort to popping some medications that promise miracle cures for acne. These medications and substances must be used sparingly not unless prescribed by dermatologist. Always remember that only dermatologists and skin experts know what is best for your skin. Avoid buying any substances in an impulse without first consulting a skin expert.

Forgetting your skin care regimen

Living in a busy and hectic world makes it easy for you to forget your skin care regimen. You may ignore waking up early in the morning to have enough time for your skin care home treatment and become too tired to do it in the evening. But, forgetting or ignoring your skin care regimen is one surefire recipe for an even more serious and severe skin problem.

Eating foods that may worsen acne

Acne treatment does not only entail applying some topical treatments or taking some medications. It also entails avoiding some foods that only exacerbate the symptoms. If you have acne, you should avoid eating foods that contain high levels of iodine such as sea foods and sea weeds. Wheat germ, asparagus, cheese, yogurt, white rice, white pasta, and white bread are few examples of foods that can worsen acne.

Drinking alcohol and caffeine

Drinking lots of coffee may help perk you up but it can also cause acne breakouts. To prevent your acne from worsening might as well avoid tea, coffee, cola and other beverages that contain caffeine. The same thing must be done with alcoholic drinks such as vodka, wine, and beer which can increase testosterone production in the body and make it even more susceptible to acne flare ups.

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