About Us

HelpTreatAcne.com was an amazing idea turned into reality in just a few short years. The goal of the site is to allow people suffering with acne a safe place to come and find support while being educated on everything regarding acne – And to realize that they are not alone in this battle for clear, healthy skin.

Most of us experience acne in some form during our lives and it can leave damaging negative impacts on our self-esteem and confidence. Though dermatologists can be quite effective in treating acne on the surface level, doctors’ visits are expensive as is the medication prescribed. Often times, prescription medication can leave the skin dry, irritated, and inflamed and doesn’t heal the root of the problem, which is what is going on inside the body that causes acne breakouts. Here at HelpTreatAcne.com, our mission is to provide natural, healthy ways to treat acne before having to resort to prescription medication (which we do discuss as well). We want to give our readers all the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions on how to find the best acne treatments to care for their own unique skin type. We don’t believe in giving up on finding ways to heal acne-prone skin. Why should anyone suffer with painful acne when there are ways to cure it – Or at least make it manageable to live with?

We believe that good health starts from eating healthily, being active, and drinking plenty of water – staples to keeping the body healthy from within. When the body is healthy internally, it will exude through the skin, leaving it glowing, clear, and youthful in appearance.

In addition to our Blog our door is always open for any questions our readers may have. We truly thank each and every one of you for trusting us to help you heal your skin from the inside out. Think positively and believe that you will get through this – Because you will. Please share HelpTreatAcne.com with anyone you know that could benefit from our information.

Make a great day…and smile!