Accutane Acne – What you need to know

Accutane AcneThere are few things you need to consider if you’re diagnosed having Accutane acne. Your dermatologist should be consulted for more on this.

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about if your doctor has recommended you to have an Accutane acne treatment. Generally, in these cases the doctor would have reviewed your case thoroughly and would have discussed the acne situation with you before telling you about the treatment procedures. For people who have been taking isotretinoin, it is common for people to develop acne cases within a month or two. In these cases, they need to take Accutane as they’ll work effectively for you in getting the pores cleared up.

However, an Accutane acne treatment has to be undertaken under the strict supervision of your doctor as they’re known to cause side effects like irritation of eyelids and eyes, dryness of lips, nose, skin, etc. All these side effects, can however, be tackled by increasing the intake of vitamin E.

The other drawback of Accutane acne treatment is that it cannot be employed on pregnant women. This is because these treatments can trigger birth defects in the child. For this reason, women are compulsorily required to undergo a test for pregnancy before undertaking this treatment for acne. Other drawbacks associated with this form of treatment are: depression, headaches, liver problems and reduction of night vision. All these side effects have to be reported to your doctor, in case you’re going through them after taking this treatment.

Irrespective of the symptoms you’re dealing with, it is better to discuss this with your doctor. Chances are that he can help you bring out some changes with the drug that could have been causing them.

Interestingly, Accutane keeps working on you even after several months of taking it. Therefore, if you’re a right candidate for it, you can consider taking it. A number of teens and adults across the globe have reaped benefits using it.  But as mentioned before, they do impart certain side effects and hence you need to take a call on whether you need it or not. Make sure you consider its pros and cons before deciding on it.