Acne Lotions can be pretty useful to you

acne lotionsAmong different methods of treating your acne conditions are acne lotions. You need to choose these products depending upon skin your type.

Depending upon the type of acne condition you’re suffering from, you can choose acne lotions accordingly. Thankfully, you’ll be spoilt with choices when it comes to choosing these products as there are several of them in them with each claiming to the best in the business. However, you need to choose a lotion that is effective for you and that matches your skin type. A dermatologist need to be consulted to help you in this decision making process. Unlike other products you’ll come across, lotions will not leave your skin dry. Given below are top lotions you’ll commonly find in the market.

1. Kinerase Lotion

This lotion helps a lot in improving the condition of your skin and will prevent it from getting damaged further. However, make sure that it doesn’t enter your eyes as it can be quite irritable.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion

Before these acne lotions are applied on the affected areas, they need to cleaned properly using water and a non medicated soap and then dried using a towel. They can be applied to both children and adults at least twice each day. If the acne region gets dried up after applying these lotions then they need to be applied only once each day. These lotions are quite effective and produce results that are comparable to antibiotic treatments.

3. Glytone Lotion

This lotion contains some useful ingredients like glycerin, purified water, sorbic acid, potassium hydroxide, salicylic acid and rose extract. These lotions need to be applied on the finger tips first up and then on to the dry acne regions. It renders the skin smooth and helps the eliminations of acne. They need to be applied at least twice a day.

4. Sun Shield Day Lotion

You need to clean the skin thoroughly before you apply this lotion. They can be applied to different regions of the body where acne has been caused including neck, face, etc. These acne lotions are not ideal for children aged 6 and below.