Acne mechanica

Acne mechanica

The most specialist call acne mechanica that type of acne you get from skin that has been irritated do to friction or pressure or heat. This type of acne is caused by many things besides sport equipment. Soldiers often suffer from acne mechanica because of weapons and equipment straps, violinists may develop it on the neck and jaw after long hours of practice, even tight fur caps worn for long periods of time can irritate the skin into a breakout.

Acne mechanica can be improved by wearing cotton  against the skin, and taking shower after sport activity, and after you take acne treatment.

If you have a job like soldier or firefighter what requiers to carry havy object , you have to take a hot shower ant to change in clean clothes. This consistence will help you to prevent and avoid acne mechanica.

Treatment for acne mechanica is the same like for other acne and any products that contain- Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic Acid, resorcinol and Sulphur, Alcohol and Acetone, Azelaic Acid, Topical Antibiotics, Topical Retinoids and Nicotinamide usually do the trick but just as other acne you may have to go through a lot of the acne treatments and acne medications before you find what works for you.

See your doctor if you are having trouble controlling acne mechanica after several weeks of using over-the-counter products. He will have additional suggestions to help clear your skin.