Acne medicine

acne medicineToday  on the market we found a lot of acne medicine treatment, and we see at tv and  on the internet how a lot of person escape from acne with with different treatments.

We can buy a lot of pills, creams or injections for acnee treatement , but we don`t know if we chose the right treatment for us and so it  takes time since  we will discover the right treatment for our skin.

And the most common Acne Medicine that is prescribed today is accutane which is a form of vitamin A. This pills works works by makingoil glands smaller, decreases the amount of sebum(oil) produced, reduces the shedding of skin cells, and it kills bacteria. Accutane is considered to be one of the most effective acne treatments but is only to be used once all other options have failed. Another treatment very common in our days that is prescribe is oral antibiotics which is  used for the treatment of more severe acne and occasionally for moderate cases. Like topical antimicrobials, oral antibiotics reduce the P. Acnes bacteria and subsequently decrease inflammation. As with all antibiotics, it is important to use only as directed to avoid the risk of the bacteria becoming resistant to the drug.

The most  typical antibiotics prescribe by doctors are: erythromycin, minocycline, and tetracycline.

Women who suffer from acne  can use oral contraceptives and can use this pills for a log term like acne therapy. They work by suppressing the overactive sebaceous glands responsible for the oily skin secretions that lead to clogged pores and acne

If you decide to take oral contraceptive, first you have to visit your doctor and discuss wih him about acne treatment and oral contraceptive, and your doctor can tell you what is the best for your body.

Remember you don’t have to take the first acne medicine that is prescribed to you. Do your research and discuss all your options with your doctor or dermatologist.