Acne Scar Removal Made Easy

acne scar removalA number of acne scar removal methods have evolved over the years. While some of these procedures are easy to carry out, others are complicated.

Gone are the days when treating acne was considered to be a tedious and unachievable task. The world of medicine has evolved a lot and so are methods for curing acne. The process of removal of acne scar is still a bit complicated and expensive, at least as compared to normal acne treatments. This is because acne scar removal processes generally have to be carried out once the acne is eliminating from your skin surface. Until then, the usual processes required for treating acne have to be followed. More often than not, it does require quite a few sessions to carry out these scar removal processes perfectly.

1. Faint Scars – Most of these scars do not have any appearance and are a bit similar to a crater. It is possible to get rid of these scars using topical methods. In this regard, AHA ointments and Retinoids are quite useful. These products are useful in eliminating blemishes that are caused by these scars. Though most of the products available for treating these scars are available over-the-counter, it is better you consult a dermatologist before proceeding with them.

2. Small Scars – The acne scar removal procedure for this one will involve using procedures like Dermabrasion. The uppermost skin layer is removed using a particular machine rather than employing chemicals. Though this removal process is a bit complicated, it actually helps in removing the affected skin layer and allowing another layer of skin to appear over it.

3. Superficial Scars – These types of scars are treated using chemical peels. Typically, these scars do not have any particular color, depth or height. The medication used for removing these scars work by removing the pigmented area of acne or the uppermost layer of skin. Once the scars are removed totally, fresh skin layer that will be smooth will appear and it will start growing.

4. Keloids – These acne scar types can be treated using procedures like radiation therapy, laser treatment and cryosurgery. This form of acne scar removal procedure works by burning scars that are in the form of bumps.