Acne sufferers

Acne sufferersAcne is a skin infection which has infected almost everyone in varying degrees of severity. This affects teenagers to a large extent and has been the cause of distress to many affecting the look of an otherwise blemish less skin.

However with growing research into what causes acne and what are the possible treatments to either totally eradicate or reduce it, acne sufferers are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Research conducted in Italy has shown that the extract from a kind of brown seaweed has potential for success going by the initial clinical tests. The seaweed is turned into a cream for application and this has already hit the shops in Europe. Traditional forms of acne treatment have included the application of creams, lotions, soaps and laser treatment. After these operations you will not acne sufferers.

Acne found in most teenagers manifests itself in the forms of pimples or an inflammation. Most are mild though some could turn severe and cause scarring. Light therapy is a new approach to acne treatment to avoid acne sufferers. Research has shown that a combination of blue and red light of certain frequencies has the effect of reducing acne. These come in hand held or mounted types and a ten minute application on the infected area has shown a great reduction in severity. The advantage of this medication is that the treatment can be done anywhere, even when one is working.

Research in the area of acne treatmenthas been an ongoing process. Researchers in Germany have unearthed the genetic code of the bacteria which causes this skin infection. It is hoped that with this breakthrough discovery, total medical treatment for this skin related infection may not be far away.