ACNE- the reasons behind

acneAn inflammation that forms under the skin due to skin glands and hair follicles is commonly known as ‘acne’. It is often a mistaken feeling that washing the skin regularly with soap and getting rid of the oils from the skin will help prevent or at least reduce the occurrence of this disease. But since acne form under the surface of the skin, washing alone is not enough to guard against this minor irritant. Acne is a condition of the skin that causes skin aberrations known as blackheads, whiteheads and red inflammations seen on the skin. These are known more commonly as pimples which sometimes go by the name of zits. Acne can be treated in a number of ways. The first way to reduce the occurrence is to gently wash the skin such that the whiteheads or the blackheads don’t get irritated and become areas to get further infected. This turns into more numbers of pimples on the skin. However soft washing alone does not do the trick since the occurrence of pimples is from stress, hormonal imbalances and disorders of the digestive system. Our body has glands known as the sebaceous glands which are connected to the hair follicles. The main feature of this is to release a lipid or an oil known as Sebum which takes up the role of waterproofing our skin to prevent the unwanted growth of micro-organisms. When these pores in the skin where the glands are found get contaminated and blocked, the Sebum builds up and is not able to release itself. This goes to create bacterial infection of the skin which leads to inflammation. Pimples by itself can be cured easily, however when they occur frequently and cause cysts, these leave marks on the skin. Such scars on the face can be a problem and that is why many people take quick remedial action when acne or pimples occurs on the face. Washing the face gently has been recommended for the skin. Using a sulfur based soap is good though the washing should be done gently such that the pores are not over exposed resulting in the release of greater amounts of Sebum. This only leads to greater chances of getting more pimples. Chocolate has been suggested as being helpful towards acne treatment and so has honey. Honey is supposed to have anti bacterial properties which go a long way towards healing minor blemishes. While washing the skin it is better to use filtered water which will prevent any further chance of infection. It is necessary to wash the hair daily as the hair contains oil too. When the hair falls on the face, it may transfer some of the oil to the skin which will only go towards the increase of pimples. It is better to take strong multi-vitamin tablets and a small supplement of Chromium can help reduce acne. The texture of the skin is reflective of the nutrients that the body is getting. When the food intake does not have the right amount of nutrients, this may manifest itself in the form of pimples.