Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

Acne treatmentIf you need acne treatment during pregnancy you may not be at all happy about it! Unfortunately acne is one of the side effects of pregnancy for many women. It is unexpected in many cases and it can be depressing, especially as it often breaks out at a time when your hormones are giving you the emotional equivalent of a roller coaster ride.

Whether or not you suffered from acne before, you may need acne treatment during pregnancy. The cause is hormonal, just as it is during puberty. Some women do not suffer from it at all but others break out with every pregnancy – sometimes so early that it is one of the first signs for them.

Acne usually affects women in the first three months of pregnancy. In almost all cases it will improve or clear completely around the fourth month. But that can seem a long time if you are facing an outbreak of pimples from the beginning of your pregnancy. So what can you do about it?

Since acne in pregnancy is caused by changes in hormone levels, there is very little you can do to prevent it. However, you certainly can treat it. There are various options available for acne treatment during pregnancy and with luck, one of them will be effective for you so that you can wave goodbye to those pimples.

Many people find benzoyl peroxide to be an effective acne treatment during pregnancy. This is an ingredient that is found in many gels, washes and creams that you can buy at the drugstore. You may want to talk to your doctor for advice before trying anything, but if you do decide to pick something up at the drugstore, at least read the label carefully and tell the pharmacist that you are pregnant because there are some acne products that you must not use.

One treatment that you must not have if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant is oral isotretinoin (marketed under the brand names Accutane, Roaccutane, Claravis, Amnesteem and others). This product has been found to cause birth defects in babies. However, it is only available on prescription so you would not be likely to take it accidentally. Doctors are very careful before prescribing it to women but of course you will need to tell the doctor if you are pregnant or hoping to have a baby soon.

You can also help yourself to clear and prevent acne with some lifestyle changes that will probably also help you to feel better emotionally and physically during the early stages of your pregnancy. The first is to take regular exercise. This will help to regulate many of the body’s processes and keep sweat ducts active and clear.

Always shower after exercise and wash the face with an anti acne face wash. These can dry the skin so you may also want to use a moisturizer. Choose one that is designed for acne sufferers because your regular moisturizer may cause blockages in the ducts and follicles, leading to more pimples.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. All of this together can help to clear your skin and give you an effective acne treatment during pregnancy.