Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Acne skin condition is a frustrating situation for any Teenager during their adolescent years of development as they are more often the target of cruel jokes which many times can leave a child emotionally scarred for their entire lifetime.

Acne is a common skin condition affecting the lives of Teenagers, young adults of all ages. Generally seen occurring on the back, chest and face, acne is most times quite visible causing the person experiencing the condition to experience moments of embarrassment, low self esteem, and depression in their quest to search to discover effective remedies for their condition. Most people who have never suffered with acne have found it difficult to comprehend the full scale of impact the acne can have on a person’s life and as such find themselves unable to offer adequate support for the needs of the person.


Acne of all types will develop when the pores of our skin become clogged with an oily residue. The known culprit behind this development is the naturally existing oil within our skin known as sebum which is created within our bodies when there is an increased surge in our hormones, which as we all know happens mostly during our teenage years. This is another reason why acne has generally been found to afflict women who are pregnant or are just about to have their period. Women in their 40′s and even 50′s have been found to experience incidents of acne breakouts due to the fluctuation of their hormones in the initial years as they approach the menopause stage.

When the sebum  and dead skin clog the pores of our skin a blackhead will appear. Whenever the pore of the skin is clogged the surface will remain open allowing us to look within the pore thus able to observe that existing black color.  Excess oil and dead skin will then continue to clog the pore eventually blocking the opening. In addition to clogging the pore this excess oil residue will allow bacteria which normally lives within our skin to flourish within the oil rapidly increasing in their numbers. The increase in bacteria content inadvertently results in the irritation of the surrounding skin allowing the pore to become inflamed which is why we may look at a pimple and categorize it as flaming hot and swollen. When this inflammation is allowed to reach within the depths of the teenager’s skin an acne cyst will develop. The acne cyst today is seen as the most severe type of acne a person could experience which most times will result in permanent scarring of the skin tissue even after healing.

To the inexperienced person, treating acne is often referred to as unimportant but scientific research has shown the increasing value of it’s treatment. Using prescription drugs, or home made natural remedies have been proven to help in preventing additional breakouts and scarring of the skin tissue. Acne treatments have also dramatically improved the quality of life for a teenagers who had suffered with this condition allowing them to overcome levels of low self esteem, anxiety, and depression thus increasing their confidence to peruse their life dreams. All these attributes are known facts which have been observed with the control of acne as the teenager will eventually experience the treatment effects resulting in the acne removal.

Almost everyone at one time or the other will have experienced some level of acne. The decision like many others we face in life must be taken at an early stage to prevent the increasing development of a potentially worse situation to the point where it may be much more difficult to control. Like a thief in the night acne will seek to discover your natural weakness. Whether it is through your diet, hormones, bad habits or even genetics acne will use these weaknesses to sabotage your seemingly clear complexion. With this knowledge in hand like any battle you will need to chose your defensive measures wisely.

There is a vast amount of acne treatment options available on the market today relative to the type of acne experienced and the severity of the occurrence. Mild occurrences of acne can easily be treated within the home environment with a variation of average products obtained from your local drugstore. However there are some cases where visits to the dermatologist should be implemented to obtain oral antibiotics prescribed to aid in the removal of the existing bacteria compounds within the pores. In instances where lesions are not responsive to treatment, then corticosteroid injections or stronger acne medications including Accutane will be prescribed by your dermatologist.

Acne occurrences which have been found to be less severe are easily treated with the use of in home therapy using vitamin supplements and natural treatment options including tea tree oil and and other essential oils which have been found to be highly successful. Both Vitamin A and Vitamin C are extremely important for healthy skin development. In addition dermatologists have discovered that the absence of Zinc within the body’s system has been a contributing factor to the occurrence of acne lesions. It is generally suggested that your local physician should be consulted before starting any home treatment program to ensure that the ingredients chosen are in fact in their natural state with careful consideration to any known interactions with current medication taken, or possible allergic reactions.

The aim of any effective acne treatment is to apply an agent which has a proven record in it’s effectiveness with the least possible side effects. Acne resulting from the over production of sebum resulting in blocked pores existing as open of closed pores are referred to as the non-inflammatory acne type which are easily treated with a range of topical agents. However as the bacteria levels increase in the dead skin within the blocked pores the pore becomes inflamed resulting in sufficiently larger pimples. These are typically referred to as inflammatory acne, and although they can be treated with topical agents, it is highly suggested that a dermatologist be visited to prescribe an adequate oral antibiotic to be used in conjunction.

Topical retinoids although have been found to be quite effective in their use when treating Inflammatory and non inflammatory acne types will produce a particular side effect in the appearance of increased sensitivity and dryness of the skin. With this effect, sun protection and moisturizing products are highly recommended when undergoing this type of treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is one such bacteria killing agent typically prescribed to be used in conjunction with other antibiotics to effectively terminate and prevent the reoccurrence of bacteria development.