Acne Treatment – Know How Your Diet Can Remedy Acne

 acne-treatmentDo you know that our skin is the biggest organ in humans and it helps to assist other organs in the body to remove waste? If your inside is not healthy it will be seen on your skin. So, a very good option for acne treatment for certain people would be to eat healthy foods that will eliminate toxins from their system.

Acne results when natural oils produced by the skin clogs the pores of the skin. Usually, acne is common in teenagers who are reaching puberty since their bodies begin to manufacture hormones, it is has also been realized as a problem for pregnant women. Because acne is a word-wide problem, there are several medications, treatments and products for acne.

A lot of people say that certain diet changes can clear acne. During my teenage years I suffered sever acne. I tried those treatments considered as the best for acne treatment at that time. Retin-A was a much known acne prescription on the market in those days. Clearasil and Noxzema skin cream were named among the much known acne solutions that my friends and I used.

I learnt by experience that alcohol mustn’t be included as one of the home remedies for acne. If you have severe acne it is advisable to cut consumption of processed food and rather eat healthy diets that are full of vegetables and fruits for acne treatment to be effective.

One reason why people suffer acne is that their colons contain a lot of toxins and dirt. So, eating foods that have a lot of fiber like cereals and wholegrains including vegetables and fruits help to make your digestive tract very clean and assist in acne treatment. Mucoid plaque which is a form of toxin can form in your system when undigested processed food mixes with mucous.

If you have continuously eaten regular servings of these foods: animal food (and dairy products), fried food, tea or coffee, sugar, microwaved food, hydrogenated fats, white flower, and drugs like aspirin or alcohol you are likely to have nucoid plaque in your system.

Many malicious bacteria breed on these old feces. One of them known as candida eats the sugar from your diets and give off some malicious chemicals back to your system and these chemicals cause all sorts of skin conditions that can thwart acne treatment.

Using diets as a natural remedy for acne treatment was not bad after all. There a lot of foods you can use as natural home solution for acne that are really effective for acne treatment. A first I was tied to using man-made acne remedies instead of giving up on junk food.

Psyllium is a top notch fiber-rich food. You can mix a tablespoon full of this food with water and drink. They act like sponge that is able to clean your colon while helping to keep you “regular”. Psyllium husk is known to be the key component in certain popular laxative solutions like Metamucil.

The beginning of a real acne treatment starts from within so always keep your system from junk and unhealthy foods for you to have an adorable skin.