Acne Treatment – Oral Medications

Acne The most people belive that if you are an adult you will never be bother by acne, but in real life the things are not so as we belive. This disease is prompted by androgens (what are hormones). Acne it is mostly apparent at teenagers, but he can occur in adults. Pimples occurs when androgens produce to much oil, which clogs the skin pores and if the skin pores is closed it will grow pimples.

Pimples occurs in women because of hormonal disturbance and they can fix this problem with birth control pills. But these pills you can`t take how you want because if you take wrong  it will make more wrong to you and you pimples will be more sever, so you have to go to consult with your doctor for these pills.

If you want to contro your androgens to stop producing so much oil you have to take anti-androgens, and in this way you can prevent acne from formating. Medications such as spironolactone and flutamide are the most recommended anti-androgens.

Birth control pills and anti-inflammatories are prescribe by some doctors and dermatologist to their patients who suffer from acne, and the main acne causes occure are androgens. Dexamethasone and prednisone are the usual anti-inflammatory products  used by acne sufferers.

Birth control pills contains progestin and estrogen who replaced androgens , and in this way the body will produce less oil. Also bitrh control pills are used for women who are  still not yet ready to have a baby.