Acne Treatment Regime

acneAcne is on of the bighest problem in the world , who affect 80%  of teenagers, and 30% of adults. For many of us pimples is a problem who affects us  physically and mentally. Anybody who suffer from pimples should start  by having a more rigorous hygiene and  taking daily shower.

As a dermatologist I have found that if each of us can start a rigorous regim it can heal from acne. So I asked my patients to write down their daily regime:

Pimples journal – Here I asked  to my patients to start a pimples journal an to wirte in these acne journal how it is the skin in the morning , products that they use normaly, how many meals they take daily, and other things they do in one  normaly day. In this way I can understand how pimples develops for each of may patients.

Basic Skin care routine – I get each patient to start a very basic and mild skin care routine including a mild cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. It is a “strip down to the basics routine so the Products are very basic and mild and not pimples targeting products. The reason for this is to start off fresh, since most of my patients have tried more products then they can remember.

Healthier Diet more exrcise – Here I asked to my patients to start make more exercise   ( make move, any what involves to move ), also I found what diet may patients have and then I try to incorporate in their diet healthy food rich in vitamin C and A. So a healthy diet combinated with some exercies it can help you to reduce your pimples.

Less stresss – In the finally I required to my patients to reduce stress. If you  are stressed, you  will become depresed with the time. And this depresion with a self lower image generated by acne  it can be a very dangerous  situation for a person. If you have any negative feelings or bad thoughts remember to talk to someone you trust .

With this regim you can help your self and finding some acne products to treat pimples you will become happy again and you will regain the trust.