Adult Acne – Important Causes

adult acneAcne can be caused because of various reasons. It is important to identify the cause before deciding on the treatment.

It is quite hard to find the exact reason why acne occurs in us. In fact, this has been a largely debated question for a long time now. However, many believe that adult acne occurs when there are fluctuations in the hormones. Women suffer from this condition typically during menstrual cycle. Without an aorta of doubt, hormones are among the chief contributors for acne. But that is not the only reason why acne occurs. There are many other contributing factors for this skin condition. Given below are some of them.

1. Wastes and toxins

Human metabolism is quite a complicated process and it leaves behind some wastes and toxins that cannot be easily eliminated. No doubt, the human body has mechanisms in place to throw out these wastes in the form of kidney, liver, small intestine, etc. However, they may not be able to withstand a load that far exceeds it. In such cases, the body tries to do away with them through skin pores. And interestingly, adult acne can be caused because of this phenomenon.

2. Menstruation

During menstruation period, women tend to have higher levels of progesterone with decreased levels of estrogen. This imbalance forces the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil than usual and thus giving rise to adult acne.

3. Pregnancy

It is quite common for women to undergo hormonal changes during pregnancy. During this while, acnes can appear on face if the hormonal imbalances are just too much. This phenomenon generally occurs within the first half of pregnancy duration.

4. Medication

It has been observed that few medications can actually contribute to disorders like acne. Some of these medications include anabolic steroids, and others that include iodine and lithium, rifampin and isoniazid, etc.

5. Friction or Physical Pressure

When a lot of physical pressure gets exerted on the skin, disorders like adult acne can arise. A simple act of placing a violin beneath the chin and jaw can lead to these undesirable situations. Straps of backpack can create chafing and this too can contribute to acnes.