Acne Scars. 5 Important Secrets

acne scarsOnce acne has been healed, there are acne scars left on our skin. These scars do not heal that quickly, some of these acne scars go away after a few months, but others do stay and leave permanent scars on our skin. A lot of people who experience harsh cases of acne scars, suffered harsh acne cases. It is therefore advisable that you start treating your acne problem while in its early stages so that you do not wait for the problem to become aggravated.

1. Do not allow Acne to develop. This is most important of all the rules you have to remember. Treat acne early if you contract one, so that you won’t have to deal with a severe acne problem in the future. There are several acne drugs that can help you to treat the problem that have aloe-vera extracts and benzoyl peroxide. These elements act fast and they effectively are able to do away with acne scars.

2. Try to avoid popping, squeezing or picking of your pimples. I am aware of the temptation to squeeze out the whitish fluid from your pimple. But then if you happen to do it, you will advance the infection to go deep down your skin. The bacteria that have contacted your hand will transfer to the acne-affected part of your skin, and the bacteria will multiply creating additional infection in the acne affected part of your skin. The condition is worsened and can possibly leave you with acne scars as the bacteria are actually pushed deeper into your skin.

3. Do not irritate those swollen acne lesions. Swollen acne lesions actually are the utmost contributor to getting acne scars that are deep. This type of acne emits some liquid and it can be truly painful when it is touched. Do not irritate it by rubbing over it, because it has the ability to degenerate in a deep scar in the end, even if you are able to heal it.

4. Dermatologists have a medical procedure they call dermabrasion. This is a method employed by dertamologists to take out the surface of ones skin by using abrasion. This medical process can be very painful and it may take several months for the skin to heal. Dermabrasion helps to get rid of acne scars or any form of imperfection from a person’s skin.

5. Aloe-Vera extracts as a medication. Medications that have extracts of aloe Vera are effective for doing away with acne scars. It has a great reputation for scars removal, and acts as anti-inflammatory agents and serving as moisturizing for your skin. Aloe Vera is reputed to have anti bacterial properties to fight infections, balances and tightens the skin, speeds up healing and minimizes scarring.

Aloe Veras revive and give healing to scars from inside to outside since it has enzymes to help the skin tissues to degenerate. Aloe is used to give healing to pimples, itching, cuts, burns, psoriasis and several other skin diseases.