Blue light acne treatment

blue lightEverybody has heard or has seen at TV or on internet or has seen comercial advertisement about Blue light acne treatment, what is the most effective and the new way to  cure acne. Today more people chosing to cure acne with Blue light acne treatment because it is safety as an acne treatment alternative.

A lot of person who faild to cure their acne with other acne treatment, chose now to cure with Blue licht acne treatment what is an effective method of eliminating pimples because it targets P. acnes, the root of acne growth. Trough blue light acne treatment  it is killed any bacteria and acne inflammation from the body.

Blue light acne treatment it is an acne treatment in two stages:


Use of a proper fixture and set your light(s) up in a safe place. Make sure to wash the face or affected area and allow to dry. Sit at a comfortable distance from the bulb, (2-3 feet.)


Do not sit closer than 2 feet from the bulb. You have to expose your skin to the Blue light acne treatment 15 minutes every day for a faster treatment. After that you can use red light to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

Before starting use Blue light acne treatment you have to ensure that you have eye  sheilds to proctet your pupils ,thus the optic nerves. If you don`t use eye sheilds you can affect your eyesight.Other good advice it is that during treatment it is best to turn your head and your body to evenly distribute the light as doing this can aid in the faster pimple-killing action of the light.

After few sessions when you eliminate acne from your body, you must to decrease blue light acne treatment to 15 minutes every other day. Blue light acne treatment is a painless way of curing acne.

Blue light acne treatment it is a safe acne treatment, and can be use from everybody. But before to decide to use Blue light acne treatment you have to go to consult with your doctor  to know the guidelines in fighting pimples using this scientific breakthrough.