If you have been struggling from acne related problems, chances are that you might have conducted research on the internet to help find cure for it. While there are many solutions that can actually help you a bit in curing acne, others are present only to make money out of you. Internet marketers have realized the size of this market and need of acne sufferers and are using their various techniques to help them make a quick buck.

The question that bothers many of us is: How to separate the legitimate information providers from the rest?

Well, there is no sure shot answer for the above question. However, you’ll do well do go through the reviews of some popular books about acne that I have compiled for you. In doing this, you’ll not just save some money, but also gain valuable insights in curing acne.

Acne No More by Mike Walden

acne-no-moreAccording to this book, acne conditions arise in you due to the presence of harmful virus, parasites, bacteria and toxins. These harmful substances can create serious imbalances in your body resulting in acne. When you get rid of these substances, the acne condition too disappears quickly.


The root cause of acne is well identified in this book. If you’re disciplined and patient enough to go through details provided there, you should get good results in the end. Furthermore, the book deals with mental state and the stress a person has to go through during the times of acne and how he/she can follow certain techniques in reducing those levels.


Most of the programs mentioned in this book are fairly simple and easy to understand. However, you need to remain fully committed to go through the programs mentioned there. If you’re not determined enough, you may give up quickly on these programs. Chances are also that you might have to take some time off your daily chores to attend to these programs. So, you need to be ready for this as well. It might also cost you a lot in taking in the supplements mentioned in the book.


If you can afford to spend  money in buying “Acne No More” and are determined enough to follow the procedures given there, then I would recommend you to buy this book. It is really useful.

Acne Free In 3 Days by Chris Gibson

acne-free-in-3-daysThe content of this book is quite similar to that of “Acne No More”. However, the actual program mentioned in the book is not that great. Chris Gibson has taken enough pain to describe the benefits of apple fast detox through this book. The book also deals with the personal experiences of the author with this skin condition, beside some motivational talks that makes it boring to read.


The book is written in a simple way and you can easily read it within couple of days. In addition to helping cure mild acne cases; this book will be useful in boosting your overall health condition. Also, you’ll not be required to take in any supplement whilst following the procedures mentioned in this book. Hence, this book will not burden you financially.


The programs mentioned in this book are not good enough to cure acute cases of acne. However, the positive results could be seen if they’re followed few times. But no comparison can be made against the book “Acne No More”.
As the content presented in this book is readily available on the internet, it doesn’t make much sense in buying the book from a store. The cure for insomnia is provided in the book as a bonus.


The content that makes up this book is really good. It fills up your arsenal to help fight skin conditions like acne. In spite of the programs presented in this book being so useful, the ones mentioned in other books like “Acne No More” offers more value to your money.

Acne Free Life by Sarah L. Rhodes

acne-free-lifeAccording to this book written by Sarah L. Rhodes, acne conditions arise due to the excess secretion of oil or sebum in our skin cells. The book further states that these things happen whenever there are hormonal imbalances within the body.

The author further notes that there are certain supplements that when taken at regular intervals will help incurring these conditions within a week. The book presents a step-by-step guide in curing acne and the reasons why they’ll work for you.


The best part with the book is that it is written in a simple way and hence can be understood by all. You can virtually buy a book from a nearby store and can finish of reading the stuff within couple of hours.
Another useful feature of this book is that the solutions mentioned there can start working on you almost immediately. Therefore, you need to buy this book before it is too late.


The biggest drawback of this book is that it does not throw light on how to get rid of acne by rectifying its root causes. No doubt, the book is useful in curing acne. But the root causes for these conditions like changes in lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, etc are not deal with in detail. Also, it might cost you a lot in taking the supplements mentioned in the book “Acne Free Life”.