Can folic acid cause acne?

Can folic acid cause acne?

Folic acid is an important factor in treatment of acne and also in enhancing health of skin. In this case, there are limited cases where folic acid can cause acne.

Can folic acid cause acne? The most appropriate answer is that folic acid cannot be said to be a cause for acne. This can be seen through the following facts about folate (another name for folic acid). Folate or folic acid is a version of Vitamin B9. It is a core factor in facilitating cell division in the body. Insufficient intake of folic acid can result in a condition known as anemia. This is because the reduced rate of cell division renders the body inefficient in red blood cells production and also in production of other cells. Folic acid can be obtained by eating food especially rich in it. Some examples of folate rich ingredients are green leafy vegetables, beans and liver.

Can folic acid cause acne

A common way to treat acne is to try and lower the inflammation which is common with acne breakouts. However, this is not typically how vitamins and minerals work. However, vitamins and minerals play an important role in enhancing and maintaining healthy skin, hormonal balance, and the immune system. These vitamins have an impact in affecting acne. In that case folic acid becomes important in treatment of acne if you can determine that you are deficient.

Folic Acid: Treatment of Acne

Folic acid  is an essential elements in maintaining the skin in a healthy condition. Usually folic acid plays an important role in strengthening of the skin. Also during the healing after a acne outbreak the new cells that are produced are produced with the help of folic acid. However, it should be noted that too much folic acid intake can lead to problems also such as higher risk of coronary heart disease. Thereby, Folic acid should be taken only in appropriate quantities. For pregnant women the recommended amount is higher due to the increased amount of cell division in the embryo and baby. The recommended daily dose is 200 mcg a day and for pregnant women double that at 400 mcg. For treating acne you should stick to the same dosage as those without problems with pimples. This way the healing of the skin and your bodys natural production of new cells is optimized.

Side Effects of Overdose of Folic Acid: A Cause of acne

Folic acid plays an important role in treatment of acne. However, people should be cautious not to take an overdose of folic acid because there are serious side effects. Some of the effects that result from severe overdose of folic acid include; nausea, menstrual disorders, headaches, irritability, and itchiness. It is also associated with skin rashes, the very thing you want to avoid. People are encouraged to evaluate and monitor their folic acid intake because it has effects to some even when taken at low dosages.
Folic acid is essential in achieving of healthy skin and tone. This makes it one of the building blocks needed in treatment of acne in people.

The group of B vitamins usually works together. The complex interaction is important in ensuring the reduction of stress. Stress is a common adverse effect in people suffering from acne. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and thus speeds up the healing process.
In conclusion folic acid is a very essential element in treatment of acne but excesse intake could also lead to worsening acne condition. It is also an effective factor in provision of sufficient requirements for healthy skin. However, folic acid may also have dangerous side effects when taken in excess. This situation requires that folic acid be taken with caution to avoid the effects related with excess intake.

So it can be seen that if folic acid is to cause acne, it would only be in very high amounts. If your daily folic acid levels are adequate you have nothing to worry about and should look at some of the other factors that could aggravate your acne condition. The leafy green vegetables, beans and liver are however not highly present in the typical diet so it might be beneficial to supplement. In a typical diet it is highly unlikely that you get too much folic acid and thus it is not stressing the body and causing you pimples.