Clear Acne Thoroughly, Attack It From The Source


clear acneIf you are searching a way of clearing your acne problem from its roots then you need to read this article. If you rather want to get quick fixes like smearing concoction on your face for short time to clear acne then this article is not for you. I have read countless articles on “how to clear acne” it is interesting to know that few of them tell you to look inside for the solution rather than preach about some psyllion solution that promises to clear acne in two short days.

Topical Treatments only help certain people

The usual acne treatments that are administered at home may help certain skin disorders to go temporarily; and the fact is, it will completely clear acne for mild sufferers. These sorts of remedies however are not going to work for most people having moderate acne and severe ones who have given up on these topical “cures” that are not just effective.

The source of the problem is not attacked

These cures aren’t working for the people with moderate acne and severe ones because the remedies given are mere cover ups. Trying to clear acne by smearing substances on your skin gets no where near the problem’s source. The point where toxins are released through the pores of your skin, there is not much that topical remedies could do than some amount of prevention which can certainly not be called a “cure”.

Toxicity levels – the root of the problem

To clear acne thoroughly, address the root of the problem by taking steps that will disallow toxic to build up in your system. If you don’t have toxic residue in excesses, then toxins won’t be secreted on your skin, there will be no clogging of the pores, bacteria won’t develop, and you will not get spots.

So to do away with acne we should…

Either you find out what contributes to the toxicity excesses (diet, poisonous chemicals, environments, unbalanced hormones, Candida etc.)  in your system and stop it or improve your body’s ability to filter toxins through the kidney and liver. To clear acne successfully, both of the aforementioned are necessary.

Dermatologists won’t necessarily tell you all this

Some skin doctors are totally great and proffer solutions that employ holistic cures to acne conditions. Some dermatologists are likely to give you an antibiotic drug course to follow, or Erythramycin, or Topical Benzoyl Peroxide (like Quinoderm). These drugs have lo success rate in helping to clear acne because they do not attack the problem’s source. In addition, especially when it comes to antibiotics, the person is introduced to a number of side effects resulting from consuming a concentrated course of a drug like Tetracycline. This medication actually kills the acne bacteria in your body that brings the spots – yet it disrupts also, your internal flora that ensures that the spots are caused by the nasty bacteria. Some patients after a long period of time have suffered worse acne problems after this kind of treatment.