Control Pills

Control PillsAcne usually starts to appear when we ascend to puberty when the body starts to produce the male sex hormone called androgens. And this is the main causes for what acne appears. The sebaceous glands are very sensitive to androgens. They cause the glands to enlarge and secrete a higher level of sebum. This combined with dead skin cells clog pores and is a great starter of acne. Young women tend to have acne that coincides with their hormonal changes associated with their menstrual cycle.

And now we know what the reason for what acne ocurs is. And this reason is hormones rise. If we can control these hormones we can prevent. To control the hormones rise young women takes. Birth control pills wich contain the artificial form of the female hormones, estrogen and/or progestin. When you use birth control pills you have to be very careful, because these birth control pills come with a lot of problem. Some women find that their acne is worse than before take birth control pills. Along with that there are also many other problems not related to acne that can occur with taking birth control such as nausea, weight gain, water retention and mood swings.

The serious side effect may include increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or blood clots, and this risk may rise if you are smoker and take birth control pills.

With such much negative effects birth control pills should only be taken after you have seen your doctor. This pills should be taken when all other options have failed.

On the market are many brands of birth control, all with different hormone mixtures, so you many need to try a few before you find the right one for you.