Diet Play a Role in Acne!

DietThe relation between acne and diet it is for a long time debate.  Recent studies shown us that diet or food items may not directly cause acne. It is hard to say if diet play a significant rol in acne.

Recent studies shown us that diet or food items may not directly cause acne. The acne causes are chemicals released during the metabolism of certain food items what directly influence factors causing acne, and thus worsen the condition of pre-existing acne or trigger off on set of acne.

Like we kow the acne is caused by extra sebum production which is stimulated by the male hormone testosterone. When we eat meat this contains hormones and hormone can affect the hormonal balance in body.

It has been reported like the women who eat meat are more likely to suffer from acne, than other women who dosen`t eat meat. The acne it appears because when we eat meat this contains steroids and hormones. And this steroids and hormones can modify our metabloism . These steroids and hormones can change our metabolism and lead to acne .

If we look at the foods what we eat today, we will see that al most of the food what we eat is cooked and these many of the vitamins and, minerals are lost making it harder for the body to digest and absorb the proper nutrients. And as a result of eating cooked food is acne what can become worse. Another way to improve our metabolism is to eat more fruit , vegetables, fish, and drink wather at least two liters per day and with these diet we will become free from acne. Looking at all the fact surrounding acne and diet it seems quite safe to say that acne can be a major player in the cause of acne. So adding more raw foods, having a healthier diet should help with controlling acne.