Does folic acid help treat acne?

Does folic acid help treat acne?

The health of the tissues of your entire body including your skin is maintained effectively with the help of vitamins. Some of the skin care experts recommend the use of folic acid, Vitamin B component, for treating various types of skin problems including acne. Does folic acid help treat acne can be a question in your mind when knew about its effectiveness. In fact the oral supplement of folic acid may obstruct the treatment of acne with some acne crème. So you should not use any folic acid supplement for this purpose without consulting your doctor. But to know about the relationship between folic acid and your acne you should know about the basics of both.

Information about Folic acid

Folic acid or folate is a Vitamin B product which helps in transferring the chemical structures of your body by a process that is used for breaking up the amino acids as well as making new DNA in it. Anemia is one of the main symptoms caused by the deficiency of folic acid as your body feels trouble in making new blood cells alongwith other types of cells. Some of the fortified foods, green leafy vegetables and supplements are the main source of getting folic acid.

Does folic acid help treat acne

Structure of acne

Acne is a skin problem causing inflammation in various parts of face including chin, eyelids, nose, forehead and cheeks. Eruptions on skin, the appearance of a number of small spider-like blood vessels, a red or bulbous nose and an increased tendency to blush or reddening of face are some of the main symptoms of acne on your face. Chronicle red eyes and chronicle red face are also observed in case of some acne patients, though not in all.

Relationship between folic acid and acne

Severally skin problems are treated through the supplements containing vitamin B complex which a derivative of folic acid. Some of the medical experts had also recommended the supplements containing 400 mcg of folic acid for treating acne even though it has been observed that use of folic acid supplement also obstructs the acne treatment in several cases. Though certain topical creams used for treating acne contain antibiotics like sulphonamoide for reducing the growth of bacteria producing folic acid but with the use of folic acid supplements the level of folic acid increases in your body which reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotic creams.

Effectiveness of folic acid on acne

Though folic acid is used to reduce various types of skin problems but if it is used excessively then it can cause various other health problems also. Problems caused by excessive use of folic acid may include permanent nerve damage, impaired renal function, risk of developing autism and asthma.

Drawbacks of folic acid

Though folic acid is used as supplement for treating various types of your skin problems but several risks are also linked with it.

Taking supplements containing 600 micrograms of folic acid is a recommended dosage for women in prenatal period but the supplement containing folic acid more than one gram are harmful for pregnant women as it crosses its upper limit.

Taking folic acid excessively in the form of fortified foods and natural foods alongwith folic acid supplements may increase the risk of respiratory problems like infection to asthma, upper respiratory, wheezing and even autism.

In fact water soluble and fat soluble parts of Folic acid are suitable to keep your skin healthy if taken in proper dosages. Fat soluble folic acid A keeps it strong and its deficiency may cause acne but too much use of this folic acid can result into the eruption of pimples. Similarly different forms water soluble folic acid B is used to keep your skin healthy and is normally suggested by skin care experts for treating acne. Vitamin B complex is the best alternative of taking different kinds of vitamin Bs to get combined effect of all of them. But it can also cause various unpleasant and dangerous side effects if taken excessively.

Thus, though normally vitamins and minerals are used to get a strong immune system, a hormonal balance and healthy skin alongwith affecting your acne but no suitable relationship between vitamin/ folic acid and acne can be developed unless it is used in proper dose.