Essential Oils for Acne Treatment

Looking for natural remedies to treat acne? Are you not sure which product to use? Do you fear using the commercial creams available that have names you do not even know how to pronounce? Read on to know more about how essential oils can benefit your battle against acne.

When talking about Essential Oils what is meant is highly concentrated purified solution of different plants (including the flower, leaves, stalks and roots). The anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria properties of these oils help treat the underlying reasons you get acne in the first place and can also help the healing for fading away your acne marks. Below are mentioned few of the essential oils to be used in a holistic manner without pinching a hole in your pocket.


Rosehip Oil

I can say without a doubt that Rosehip oil is the king of essential oils when it comes to acne scars. It has been tried and used for years round the world. It is also one of the few oils that have been actually tested in a clinical lab and results were awe-inspiring. It not only treats the acne scars but also softens the skin and stimulates the growth of a new brighter skin. I know it can be tough to find this oil in pure form but you can try your luck in health stores. Even if they don’t have it, they could arrange for your order surely. Naturally you can also easily order it online. To see the optimum results, just gently massage with the oil on your skin twice a day. Patience is the key when you use home remedies. Try for a month and let me know of your results.

Lavender Oil

I know, you all will agree with me that Lavender oil is the most delectably scented oil. Along with this, it is the best known moisturizer made from the lavender plant. It is greatly effective in smoothening and softening the skin. When you want to use it for removing acne marks, you can use it once a day by gently massaging using a finger or two. Also, if you apply it during bed time, you can go to sleep faster as lavender is a very effective sleep agent.

Jasmine Oil

If it’s getting tough for you to select between the Rosehip and Lavender oil, here is jasmine oil to make your choice even harder. It is also very effective in removing acne marks. Along with this it makes the skin softer, more smooth and brighter.

There are many other oils used to remove acne scars. These are clove, rosewood, tea tree to name a few. Rosewood is best suited for oily skin. Tea tree is also known for its healing properties. It can be used for removing dandruff and can heal wounds also.

If you have decided to use essential oils for your acne treatment, you must be regular and consistent to see drastic results but hang on by drastic I don’t mean overnight your scars will disappear. It takes time to work, may be even months, don’t let your patience go. To conclude, I can say that essential oils are a great way to improve your skin health in a holistic manner – which in the end is what you need for reduced pain and anxiety regarding acne scars.