Exercise causes acne?

ExerciseEvery body knows that exercise can help us in many ways. And one way is to control acne. Execrices increased the blood flow to the skin providing more oxygen to the skin cells  making the skin healthier and helps to heal blemishes and scaring.

When we make  exercise internal organs will also start functioning better and your cardio-vascular fitness improves. Lungs and heart will become stronger meaning more oxygen is pumped throughout the body more effectively. The digestive system will function better and be able to extract more nutrients from you foods, reducing the amount of toxins in the blood stream causing fewer breakouts.

Another positve aspect of sport is that the exercise reduces stress and balancing hormons  which are major contributors in the causing acne. Good oxygen supply to the organs and skin, efficient toxin ejection, balanced hormones and reduced stress could do magical wonders to your acne problem. And not just that, you would also have a better overall health.

After we make  exercise it is good to take a shower and change to clean clothes directly. This will wash away any bacteria or toxins that were desecrated through sweating and get rid of any dirt  from the activities. This is especially good practice if you suffer from body acne.

Before starting any  exercise  it is good to consult you doctor if you have any medical problem that may be affected by some activities.