Facial Acne – Some Useful Tips

facial acneThere are many facial acne treatments available today and thankfully, many of them are known to be highly effective in curing your acne problem.

It does not matter what type of acne you’re dealing with; there are some proven facial acne treatments for you. These natural methods are really useful in eliminating not just acne but also scars that are left behind from them. Most of the techniques given below have yielded desired results for people who have tried them out fully.

1. Orange Peel Facial

Not many people know this, but orange peel provides excellent results for curing acne as they’re rich in vitamin C. The entire procedure of using orange peel is really simple. All you need to do is grind the orange peel against a stone using little amount of water. Apply the resulting paste on the acne region and allow it to stay there over night. You should be able to see considerable changes next morning. However, to completely eliminate acne, you need to follow this procedure few times over.

2. Oil Control Method

Try not to use oil control creams or soaps for curing your acne. They hardly generate results for you. In fact, they can create more problems to you by producing more oil in your skin pores. So, a better method would be to prepare a solution out of olive oil and castor oil. The resultant solution can be your good facial acne product to combat acne problems. However, make sure that the solution thus produced is good enough to penetrate the skin layers.

After using this solution on your face leave it like that for few minutes. Then use a clean cloth and dip it in a hot water and cover your face using it for few minutes. Then wipe your face completely. This procedure actually helps in removing not just dirt present on your face, but also in removing the materials that were clogged up in your pores. Repeat this process for few more days and you should see lots of improvements.

As your skin is unique, you need unique facial acne procedures to help you get rid of your acne problem. It is better you consult a dermatologist and let him suggest a suitable method out of this.