Tips to finding a certified nuclear medicine technology program

Tips to finding a certified nuclear medicine technology program

Nuclear medicine technologists are very qualified and trained allied medical professionals. Their main job is administering the radionuclides to diagnose and treat different medical conditions. Many students want to have a stunning career of a nuclear medicine technologist. A career of nuclear medicine technologists is really lucrative in terms of both money and reputation. As mentioned in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the initial salary of such a technologist can go up to 54,000 dollar.

However, to get success as a nuclear medicine technology program, one must find and undergo an accredited nuclear medicine technology program. Proper access to medicine programs is the most important step towards having a spectacular career graph as a nuclear medicine technologist.

Here are some important steps towards finding the certified nuclear medicine technology programs.

  • Visit the official site of JRCNMT – Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology, commonly referred to as JRCNMT is a nationally acclaimed accrediting organization for the nuclear medicine technology programs. At the outset, you need to visit the official website of JRCNMT.
  • Navigate throughout the site – Once you’re on the official website of JRCNMT, you just look to the immediate right and click on the link tagged as “ACCREDITED PROGRAMS”.
  • Go to the next page – Once you go to the next page after clicking on the “ACCREDITED PROGRAMS” link, you will see a colorful map of America. From the map of the United States, you can select the region in which you would prefer to locate your chosen nuclear medicine technology course.
  • Click on the state – In the final step, you need to click on your chosen state in which you’re interested to be shown a list of certified nuclear medicine programs. This is a very useful tool as it allows the users to directly link to each and every medicine technology program.

Universities that offer programs on nuclear medicine technology

Nuclear medicine technology is a special discipline which emphasizes on investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic use of radionuclides. The JRCNMT affiliates a number of programs across the country to ensure that the programs meet professional quality and prepare students for getting employed as nuclear medicine technologist.

Here is a list of universities and colleges that offer courses on nuclear medicine technology.

  • Del Mar College – Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Del Mar College offers an associate program in nuclear medicine technology which combines topics like physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer technology to detect and treat diseases.
  • Cedar Crest College – Pennsylvania based Cedar Crest collect offers Bachelor in Science degree in the discussed subject. Subjects in major may include nuclear imaging and instrumentation, radiation biology, radiation safety, computers in medical imaging and nuclear oncology.
  • Bellevue College – Washington based Bellevue College offers an associate degree in the subject. This 18 months long program combines clinical training with academic coursework. The program includes subjects like emission tomography system, radio pharmaceutical, gamma cameras, therapeutic procedures and radiation detection. A GED or high school diploma is a must to get admission in this program.
  • College of Du Page – Illinois based College of Du Page offers a 15 months long associate degree program on nuclear medicine technology. The program includes subjects like radiation detection, nuclear physics, imaging instrumentation, radioactive materials regulations and clinical nuclear medicine. This program allows the students to administer radio pharmaceuticals, work with the doctors and operate equipments.

Someone interested in getting access to medicine programs can visit the official sites of these colleges to get more details on the programs.