Different Methods to Get Rid of Pimple Marks and Scars

Different Methods to Get Rid of Pimple Marks and Scars

You might be older, grown and done with the adolescent issues which plagued you when you were younger, but chances are you still may have some signs of your not so flattering past. Acne and pimple scars are common issues with adults of all ages, and these scars have a way to remind you of the often unsettling skin issues you went through when you were younger. So, instead of just letting these skin issues get the better of you, there are a few different ways to alleviate yourself of the acne scars and return your skin back to its former or commended glory. You just need a bit of help to do so along the way.

Natural Methods:

Topical creams

These creams are both over the county and prescription based (which you may obtain from a dermatologist). The creams help reduce the appearance of the scan and regenerate the skin tissue. Over time you should see your skin begin to look healthier, produce more pigment and the scar fade back in appearance.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is good at reducing the brightness of scars and other issues on your body. This is the case with acne scars. Over time, the acne scars are going to lighten in appearance anyways, so the addition of lemon juice, which is applied to the scar by dabbing at it with a cloth soaked in the liquid, helps improve the look of the skin even further.

Medical Treatment:

Of course, for the more apparent acne scars you may have, there are other ways to go about improving the overall look of your acne scars. These do cost a bit more than standard, natural treatments, but the medical procedures ensure faster results, aging back your skin decades.

Chemical peel:

This is done where the top layer of the skin is removed in a general area. Usually, this is done to the entire face. With the top layer of the skin gone, the skin actually is stimulated to grow and repair the damaged areas. There are different kinds and levels of chemical peels; it just depends on how severe the scarring is on your face.

Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments are for the most severe scarring you might have on your face. The laser is able to direct towards specific areas of the body, so you don’t have to have an entire region done. Instead, it is just focused on the scarring areas.

Cosmetic surgery:

Although the most effective method to get rid of pimple marks and scars, it is also known to remove other flaws and make skin beautiful.

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