How Reliable is the Candida Spit Test?

How Reliable is the Candida Spit Test?

If the Spit test is not a reliable test for Candida, which test is reliable then?  There are numerous believers and proponents of the spit test but there are also several non-believers and opponents.  What is a spit test? How is it done? Among other tests for Candida overgrowth, what makes it different from the rest? The origin of the saliva or spit test cannot be accurately determined. Its popularity on the internet however is overwhelming.  There are those who allege that it has no scientific basis and cannot be considered a clinically accurate method.


What is the Candida Spit Test?

Before going to bed at night, prepare a glass of water and put it by your bedside.  In the morning, right after you wake up, work up a small amount of saliva and spit it on the glass of water that you have made ready the previous night.  Keep in mind that there should be no food or liquid intake before you start the test.  Leave it for at least fifteen minutes and observe intently if there are any changes in the mixture before you. If your saliva remains afloat, then you have nothing to worry.  This means that your test generated a negative result for Candidiasis.  There are three instances that indicate Candida overgrowth or a positive finding for Candidiasis. The first is when the strings are observed to be travelling from the surface to the bottom of the glass.  Second indication is when the saliva turns cloudy and settles at the bottom of the glass. The third manifestation is when cloudy specks appear to be dangling in the water. As enumerated, the procedure of the spit test is easy to carry out and does not cost a single centavo.

How Accurate is the Spittle Test for Candida?

For those who invalidate the spit test, it is their contention that the said test is unreliable, completely without basis and could be misleading.  There are those who claim that they have personally tried the spit test but generated different and extreme results every time they repeat the test.  It has also been asserted that there are other explanations why the saliva thickens in the morning and why it behaves that way.  The saliva, they say is usually heavier in the morning especially without food intake. Thus it is only but normal that it will sink when it gets in contact with water. It is also maintained by opponents that there are a lot of factors which affect the result of the spit test.  For one, there are a lot of things that goes on in a person’s mouth.  The saliva may behave that way because of the presence of bacteria, allergens or a recent consumption of dairy products.  Dehydration due to lack of water intake while sleeping, may also lead to a positive result in the spit test.

Alternative Testing for Candida Yeast Infection

Yes, opponents may have a point in their arguments.  But which of the other tests is reliable? A stool analysis and the urine tartaric acid test are said to be unreliable too.  Gut fermentation tests are not reliable also since there are instances that it gives a negative result for a person with Candidiasis.  Commonly, even people who go to the doctor for medical consultation would seek a second opinion if they are unsatisfied with the previous finding.  This only goes to show that there always doubts in people’s minds.  The spit test however is just an easy and inexpensive procedure for initial determination of yeast infection.  If you get a positive result and is feeling most of the Candida Albicans symptoms, then it is time to address it.  You can always try it but don’t expect too much from it and confirm the result with other tests that you can afford.