Acne Naturally How To Cure

acne naturallyPeople of all ages need to know how to cure acne. This upsetting condition is found in up to 90% of teenagers in developed nations as well as a surprising percentage of adults. If you are affected by the pimples, cysts and redness that pimple causes, you are very likely to be desperate to know how to cure acne.

Clearing pimple is important, not only for right now but for the future too. In many cases acne produces scars that can last for a long time. If you have it severely, finding out how to cure acne can be important for your appearance for many years to come.

Of course, there are several types of medication that can be used to clear acne. These include gels and washes, antibiotics, hormonal treatments and prescription retinoids. However, some of these are more effective than others. Some have side effects, too.

If you have not found a drugstore remedy that works for you, you may want to consider how to cure acne naturally.

The good news is that there is a lot that you can do for your pimple the natural way. You just need to make some simple changes to your lifestyle.

First, be sure that you are getting regular exercise and drinking plenty of water. Both of these measures will help to clear your skin by washing out impurities. Of course, you also need to keep your skin clean with an anti acne face wash. Do not forget to use this after exercising – the sweat needs to be washed away from your face as well as your body to prevent the ducts from becoming clogged, forming pimples or even cysts.

Second, consider your diet. As we said earlier, acne is found in around 90% of teenagers in the developed world: countries like the USA and Canada, western Europe, Australia etc. By contrast, it is rare in countries where the native population still follows an indigenous diet instead of eating western foods. Research has found that as a country like India becomes more developed, pimple begins to appear more widely. It seems obvious that this is because the population has begun to adopt something more like an American diet, with higher quantities of milk products and sugar.

Research reported in the periodical Skin Therapy Letter (March 2010) showed that eating a diet with a lot of cow’s milk and a high glycemic load causes acne to worsen. So it seems clear that you may be able to discover how to cure acne naturally for yourself by consuming lower quantities of cow’s milk products and reducing the glycemic load of your diet.

What is glycemic load? It is the speed at which the food you eat causes a rise in your blood sugar levels. The food with the highest glycemic load is sugar in all forms (syrup, honey etc). After that come refined (white) grain products such as white bread, white rice and pasta. If you can cut these out of your diet and replace with refined grain products like whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice, you would be taking a big step toward a healthier lifestyle that may have a beneficial effect on your acne.

The reason that whole grain products have a lower glycemic load is because the fiber that they contain slows down the process of converting their carbohydrates to blood sugar. The same is true of fruit. If you drink fruit juice, even freshly squeezed, there is no fiber and your blood glucose will rise quickly. It is much better for your skin if you choose to eat the fruit rather than juicing it.

It may not seem easy to make these changes and of course results are not guaranteed but it is well worth while. Not only might you see significant improvement in your skin, with fewer and less severe breakouts, but you are also likely to feel healthier and better about yourself if you follow these tips for how to cure acne naturally.