Acne free skin!

acneOne of the best intakes for the body which actually helps against acne is Vitamin A. This protects the skin by maintaining and repairing the tissues from which the skin is made of. It is also a powerful anti-oxidantwhich helps the body get rid of toxins. One of the reasons for the occurrence of acne and pimples is the over excessive use of make up creams and ointments. When these are left on the skin for long periods of time, they tend to block up the pores. This only results in Sebum buildup which in effect translates into more acne. If make up products are to be used, it is better to use water based make up. These are easier on the skin and don’t usually close the pores. If during make up usage, the skin is squeezed hard, this ruptures the membranes of the skin resulting in the spread of the Sebum under the skin and occurrence of more pimples. It is also necessary that pillows and sheets used while sleeping are washed and kept clean. These have the property of absorbing  the oil from the skin and are then transferred back to the pores in the form of infected oil. This can also cause acne. A low diet of Zinc is a good medication against the outbreak of acne.

Exfoliating is a process of removing dead skin cells from the body. This can be done by first washing the skin with a mild cleanser and then having the face washed with a facial scrub, once or twice a week. This opens up the pores and removes any extra traces of make up materials which may be there on the skin. Using cleansers such as Cetaphil or Aveeno bar can be helpful. One other useful application is Benzoyl peroxide which can be purchased across the counter. This helps in killing the bacteria which goes to create the pimples . It can be started with a low percentage such as 5% once a day which can be increased in frequency to twice a day if one is not using any other medication. It should be borne in mind that one should not simultaneously use many medications at the same time. If the pimples is not responding to treatment, antibiotics can be used under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Antibiotics have the ability to kill the bacteria which creates the blackheads or whiteheads. However when taking the antibiotics, it is better to consume a large quantity of water.

When the treatment does not result in the reduction of the problem, a pill known as Accutane can be used. This is a very powerful medication and is intended for those with severe scarring due to the acne not being controlled by other forms of medical treatment. Treating pimples by the natural process does help in most of the cases. Using herbal salves and drinking herbal teas does help prevent acne. Some simple pastes can be made at home itself. Making a paste from one ripe banana mixed with strong chamomile tea and having this paste gently rubbed over the infected area can be a good remedy.