How to Pop a Pimple If Required?

How to Pop a Pimple If Required?

Who want pimples? I believe no one wants it. It’s such a very horrible thing which can be found in the face. We feel bad when we wake up one morning and see a pimple shining bright on our face. All we would want to do is to pop it. But do we really need to pop pimples? Actually, popping of pimples is not the best thing that you can do. The main reason is we don’t really know to pop it properly. If done wrong, you’re just passing pus to other area of your skin. So you better continue reading this article on how to pop a pimple if required. Below are useful tips in popping pimples in your face the right way.

Make Your Hands Clean


As we always know, we should keep our hands always clean. We can do this by washing frequently using soap and water. You may also use hand sanitizer to make sure that every germ in your hands are washed away. Keep your nails trimmed at all times so germs won’t stick up. It is really very important to clean our hands before touching our face because we don’t want to transfer the germs and have other sets of pimples again that can make faces ugly. But since we can’t escape from this because it’s really a part of growing up, we just have to learn how to hide pimples with makeup. Since pimples are very sensitive to germs and could probable spread pimples throughout the face. So, always remember to make your hands clean before doing the “pimple popping” thing.

Wash Your Face


Always make your face clean and fresh before doing anything on it. When we are exposed to sun and dust, there could be lots of germs that are deep seated on your face. So, it is very important to clean it thoroughly by using a facial foam wash and water. You just have to lather the facial foam gently on your face for certain minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. You can also use facial scrub to get rid of the deep-seated germs that can cause pimples. You may choose for the best brands that fit you just right when it comes to result and its price. There are numerous facial foams, facial wash and facial scrubs available in your leading beauty store. You can also find in the shelves beauty products on how to hide pimple marks with makeup. It is better to find the products that give you ultimate results and gives you satisfaction. You have to stick with it to see its optimum result. Once you’re done with cleaning your face, you may proceed to exfoliation before popping up your awful pimple.

Exfoliate it!

It is very important to exfoliate to be able to loosen the skin for you to easily pop the pimple. You can also find different brands of exfoliating cream that you can choose from your favorite beauty store. You can also find there effective products on how to cover pimples with makeup. Moreover, it is very significant also to clean the surrounding area before you pop up your pimple. You can soak a piece of cotton from anti-bacterial cleanser and put it in the circumference of the pimple and its nearby areas. By doing this, you will be able to take off germs and impurities as well as excess oils. If surrounding skin is not very well cleansed, bacteria may stay all over and can possibly hinder the fast healing of your pimple.

Pop pimple gently and safely


You need to remember not to pop your pimple with your bare fingers. It has already been proven that popping pimples with bare fingers can leave a scar in your face. Of course we can’t afford to have another face problem like pimple scar. So, you better use proper tools in popping your pimples gently and safely. But since we cannot avoid these pimple scars, there are ways to hide it. You can search for the tips on choosing the appropriate makeup for pimple face. Going back to safely and gently pop a pimple, always see to it that you will use gloves before pricking it. Since you’ve done exfoliation, you have loosened your skin now and this makes you ready for popping. Make sure you do it at the center of your pimple. You just need to place your index finger around the pimple and push it gently. Since your skin is soft already, the pus will just come out easily. When the pus comes out, don’t touch it with your bare hands, instead, use cotton and touch lightly on it and gently wipe it. You just have to press the sides of the pimple to make sure that there’s no pus anymore inside it.

Cleanse the Popped Pimple

When you are already sure that there is no more pus inside the pimple, always make certain to put antiseptic solution all over the area. This can help healing the wound faster. And right after, an ointment for just a dot on the pimple. Be very firm to choose only for the most effective ointment and anti-septic solution if you really care for your beauty. If pimple marks could not be avoided, try to keep on searching for the best and efficient ways on how to hide pimple scars with makeup. Through this, you will be able to achieve a smooth and glowing finish once you’ve made the right choice.

The above-mentioned tips can surely help you in getting rid of spreading of pimples right on your face as well making your face scar-free. You need to do it right to enjoy optimum result. Always remember that glowing and fresh skin can be attained by eating a well-balanced diet with exercise and enough sleep. You also need to keep a comprehensive beauty routine by cleaning your skin with facial foam that suits the type of your skin as well as toning and moisturizing it. Keep in mind that beautiful and pimple-free faces always create good and positive impressions.