How To Treat Burns With Home Remedies

How To Treat Burns With Home Remedies

Our home is full of things which can solve our minute to biggest problems. During an injury at home we should not just keep waiting for some professional medical help to arrive but we should take in-charge of the situation and use our small home remedies to start the primary treatment of such injuries. Keep calm of mind and follow the above steps sincerely to treat the burn injuries through simple home remedies. 

Our home is like a treasure land full of small different things. Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of these small things and often end up inadvertently neglecting them. But these small things when used appropriately can do wonders. Our home acts as our first hospital. Our home has solutions for each and every small scale diseases and accidents, what is exciting is the fact that even serious injuries like burns can also be treated with the help of these home remedies. Burn is basically an injury caused due to an accident where our skin is exposed to excessive quantities of electricity, laser, friction, radiation, fire or chemicals.


Burns can further be categorized into three forms namely depending upon the degree of skin damage caused:

  1. First Degree Burns

  2. Second Degree Burns

  3. Third Degree Burns

When the top most layer of the skin is damaged it is termed as the first degree burns. These burns usually recover in two to three days. While when the burns results in blisters and the pain caused is severed then such burns are termed as the second degree burns. On the other hand the burns which cause damage to almost all the layers of the skin are called as the third degree burns and as the name suggests these are the most severe and painful of all three. The third degree burns give a charred look to the skin. This injury goes down deep into the nerves.

Home Remedies to treat burns:

1) The primary step which should be followed during any injury or burn is to hold the wound or burn under running water preferably cold for almost 10-15 minutes. Avoid putting ice on the burn as it can lead to frostbite causing more damage to the burn.

2) Application of butter should be avoided under every circumstance as butter captures heat in the tissues damaged during burns which can indirectly lead to the patient developing more infections and diseases.

3) After cold water comes the application of lotion. Once the burn has been cooled using water any lotion should be applied on the wound. The application of lotion brings in a lot of relief for the patients and helps in preventing dryness in the affected area.

4) After the burn has been moisturized cover the burn with the help of a sterile gauze bandage.  It should be kept in mind that the bandage should be kept loose so as to keep low pressure on the burn.

5) Some fluid filled blisters are often produced by our body in order to avoid itself from any type of infection. These blisters should not be broken as they themselves get dissolved in some time period. In the case when the blisters are broken on their own they should be washed with cold water and a mild soap should be applied over it.

6) If the pain exaggerates a little more, then acetaminophen which is a pain reliever drug should be consumed. This drug makes the pain a little bit tolerable.

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