Laser treatment for acne

Laser treatment for acne


Are you suffering from acne problem? If the answer is ‘yes’, you must have tried several treatment such as taking medicine or applying some lotion on your face with no result. Medication can hide acne for some time and they will reappear. No need to worry any further, there is an easy way to get rid of the problem, laser treatment for acne.

Laser treatment for acne

Your stubborn acne can be cured successfully by laser treatment without any medication. However you need to consult a dermatologist before undergoing the treatment. It is risk free. It takes less time to cure than medication does. This laser treatment can burn the bacteria which causes acne without any side effect. It can give a permanent solution for your acne problem. But you alone should not come to a conclusion to get a laser treatment.

Before laser treatment for acne

The dermatologist can prescribe you a laser treatment on your request. You can discuss with him about the ins and outs about the treatment. If you are not suffering from any other illness the treatment can be arranged to your convenience.
The doctor will advise you to refrain from certain things such as sunbathing, perfume using and taking some medicine.
During the treatment, laser is focused to your infected areas on the face. It takes from 5 to 20 minutes for the work to finish. The time is decided according to the gravity of your illness. There is almost no any discomfort or pain during the treatment as many patients reported.
The treatment will have to be repeated for several weeks according to the condition of your skin and severity of acnes.

After the treatment

You will not see immediate result just after the treatment or there won’t be any difference for a few weeks. Treated area of your face will look pink or red for a few hours. You will feel some irritating sensation on the skin for several hours; it is normal and can be mitigated by dabbing with wet clothes. Even some swelling condition will disappear in a few hours.
You will be advised to refrain from using certain lotion but prescribed some moisture rising cream.

How much a laser treatment for acne cost?

You can find a treatment at an average cost of $ 1000.  However the cost depends on some factors such as the severity of affected skin area, location area of the acne on the skin etc.