Light Treatment Acne for You

Light Treatment Acne There are different types of treatment available to cure problems like acne. Light treatment acne is one of those types.

Though this procedure looks complicated for many, it is simple really. Lights of different wavelengths, either red or blue, are used for this procedure. Light treatment acne is useful to kill the bacteria that are responsible for conditions like acne. A certain level has to be reached for these lights to create an impression on bacteria. But once these levels are reached, the results are there for everybody to see.

This mode of treatment is also referred to as phototherapy and it can be exercise on any patient who is suffering from acne. As a first step in this procedure, ANA, an ointment is applied to the region where the light treatment is to be used. The application of this ointment increases the level of porphyrin inside these micro organisms. Thereupon, free radicals get released. When this procedure is combined with Light treatment acne the results are excellent. When blue light is used on acne, it forces the porphyrins to release more oxygen than before. This in turn destroys bacteria.

There are absolutely no side effects seen in patients when they’re exposed to this type of treatment. When other traditional methods of curing acne are employed on people, it was seen the bacteria developed a sort of immunity and that they resisted the treatment given to them. However, when the light treatment is offered to patients, no such tolerance levels have been exhibited by the bacteria and thereby proving to the world how effective they can be

The best thing associated with Light treatment acne is that it can be followed from the comforts of your home and that you don’t need any assistance while carrying out the procedures. However, if you want a dermatologist to carry out this procedure for you, get ready to spend a lot. Also, these treatments are not covered by insurance agencies and hence you have to bear the entire cost out of your pocket. And considering the fact that multiple treatments have to be given to fully cure your acne, it may not be sensible to opt for this mode.