My struggle with acne

My struggle with acne

Acne is a common skin disease that results in scaly red skin, pimples and sometimes scarring. Severe cases of acne are inflammatory but in most cases it manifests itself in noninflammatory forms. More often than not, acne attacks the face, the upper chest and the back of human bodies. Acne is more common during adolescence and rarely in adulthood although it may continue into early adulthood. I don’t want to sound like a dermatologist so I will leave it at that.

Early signs

Like most of the girls out there, my acne began at a time when I was socially and emotionally insecure. It started with two pimples on my chin. One was large and the other one a bit smaller. They would appear and disappear and sometimes I would feel itchy. With time the two pimples had given rise to two more pimples and with time the pimples were all over my face.

The confirmation

Luckily, my sister’s boyfriend was a dermatologist. I visited his clinic and after some checkups and sampling he told me that I was suffering from acne. He gave me betamethasone cream as a treatment for ‘mild acne’ as he called it. He also advised me to keep my face clean by washing it twice a day and apply the cream after washing.

My struggle with my self-esteem

In my final years at high school, I had completely lost control of my skin. I had stopped using betamethasone since I felt it was not working as fast as I wanted it to. I had also discovered that most acne treatment products contained Benzoyl Peroxide, I was allergic to it, and so I had reverted to herbal means. I hated going out on weekends since my classmates were always making fun of me and calling me ‘ pizza face’. Most of my weekends were spent indoors with my boyfriend. Luckily, he was very supportive and always encouraged me. Anytime we went out on a date, I would apply makeup to conceal the pimples. I loved makeup since it made me feel beautiful and confident.

The victory

When I went to college, I met other girls with the same problem as mine. We used to share ideas and hang out together on weekends. I discovered that the makeup was a temporally solution and I stopped using it regularly. I accepted myself as I was but this didn’t stop me from trying to cure the acne I adjusted my diet to one with low glycemic load since glycemic is not good for acne and by the time I was graduating college, my acne had disappeared leaving a few dark spots and scars.

Healing the scars

After graduating college and getting a job at a local bank, I decided to erase all the scars that reminded me of my struggle with acne. This time round I decided to go for a sure method to erase them instead of trial and error. After a week of intensive research, I settled for the rapid and reliable laser acne scar removal. Laser scar removal is quicker and more effective than surgical methods or creams. I couldn’t hesitate to go for it and now I have this technology to thank for my 100% clear skin.
Acne is not only a fight for beautiful skin but it can be a make or break war with your self-confidence and esteem. If you are to win this battle you must ignore all negative comments from people and prove to them you are in control. Keeping your face clean and hydrated is the best treatment for acne and no matter how long it takes, make sure you win the battle against acne.