Natural and inexpensive treatments for Acne

                                                                 Treating Acne

NaturalHygiene and cleanliness are very important in order to have a positive effect on treating acne. Before starting the treatment on acne, it is advisable to wash and dry hands to remove any oils that might have accumulated on the hands. Exposure to oils can aggravate acne. Using bonozyl peroxide is a very good treatment of acne at the start of the week. It should be gently applied on the face until it gets absorbed. If it is applied softly on the face, the chance of getting recovery is faster.

          Natural ways of treating Acne

A small amount of fenugreek leaf should be crushed and made into a paste. The paste should be gently applied on the face overnight and the next morning it should be washed with water. Then the face should be wiped with a soft towel.

White vinegar treatment can be very effective if used properly. A piece of cotton wool dipped in white vinegar with small amount of water can be applied on the acne affected area. The face should be cleaned with mild lukewarm after 15 minutes. This should be repeated for at least thrice a week. Natural treatments are not only effective, but it will also prove cost effective and affordable.

Budrock root has proved very effective for the natural treatment of acne vulgaris. In this treatment, leaves, roots and seeds are used which are available online or at herbal shops. As it contains vitamin c that helps maintain the skin in a good shape, it has been found useful in treating ulcer.