Natural way to treat acne!

Natural There are  number of anti acne treatment available in the market. The ideal way to get rid oneself of acne is treatment coupled with a proper diet. Low carbohydrate diets are good in the treatment of acne and research has shown that acne responds favorably to a low-carbohydrate and low glycernic diet. However, if this is not carried out by avoiding fast foods which are high in processed carbohydrates, there is no use of undertaking such diet regimes. Also to avoid during such diet intakes are sweets, baked food and any other starch food from the diet.

One of the best treatments for mild acne is tea tree oil which is considered to be a good anti-biotic. It is useful because it acts as a natural anti-biotic and kills bacteria without really harming the skin. Because of this property of killing the bacteria without harming the skin it is considered among the best natural treatment for acne.

Mild acne lotions are if the forefront as the first line of medication against acne. These are extracts of vitamin A and they work by removing the dead skin cells. In combination with mild antibiotic creams they are used for the treatment of mild forms of acne.

According to many, Black Current Seed oil is good acne reducing herbal form of treatment. The normal adult dosage is about 1500mg/day which can be had in three dosages of 500 mg. The main idea behind the Black Current Seed oil being good for acne is the antioxidants and essential fatty acids. A number of extracts mixed together are also meant to cleanse the skin, known as Earth Science Facial Wash.

Though any soap can be used for the body, the treatment of acne requires special body washes such as the Natural Results Acne Body Wash. This is a good option to look into if one is looking for a natural cure for acne. Strong antibiotics are used in the treatment of acne such as Accutane which is for the treatment of cystic acne . However any strong medications one intends to take towards treatment of acne should be in consultation with a doctor as these can have serious side effects.

Among the best selling product for acne treatment is Pronexin which contains  large number of ingredients and features a step by step acne program. This medication is chemical free and has been shown to reduce acne by a large amount in as short a time as 72 hours. This medication is useful because it brings down the acne level very soon, the ease of use and value for money. Another medication is Acnepril which acts well below the skin surface unlike other medications. This is known to have no side effects.