Oral Isotretinoin Treatment Acne – Side Effects

Oral Isotretinoin Treatment Acne – Side Effects

There aren’t many takers for oral isotretinoin treatment acne these days considering the fact that they produce lots of side effects in people employing them to cure acne. These side effects have been so prominent that there have been several hearing and attempts to get this mode of treatment or drug out of the system. Patients who are advised to take up this treatment need to be extra careful as they could be tragic in some cases. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough drugs or treatment in the marketplace today that can boast of curing acne and its scars.

Patients suffering from adverse effects like decreased night vision, severe headache, etc shouldn’t take too much time to stop taking these drugs and visit a dermatologist as quickly as possible. There are also people who have experienced adverse psychiatric reactions using these drugs. As a routine test to help you out with this problem, your serum lipids will be monitored regularly. This can be checked through blood tests that can be done either at your dermatologist’s office or at any lab near you.

Oral isotretinoin treatment acne cannot be tried out on all individuals. In fact, oral isotretinoin isn’t recommended for pregnant women. This is because when these oral compounds are taken they can easily cause birth defects in children that are yet to born. Hence, it is advisable for women to get pregnancy checks done at least twice – once before the treatment is undertaken and after one month from taking this treatment.

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Consuming oral isotretinoin drugs are also known to cause depression and mood swings in people who take them regularly. Hence, it is very important for their near and dear ones to realize this. Also, individuals who take these drugs often show psychological outlook to others and this tendency does not improve with treatments that are taken for preventing acne outbreaks. In these cases, it makes sense in discontinuing these treatments. A dermatologist needs to be approached and their intervention has to be sought.