Perlane – Injection and Treatment

perlaneThere on the market it is available Facial injection what help people  who suffer from old acne scars and wrinkles dancing for joy. The injection is called Perlane and is used to “fill out” the skin.

Perlane  is a facial filler injection  with  hyaluronic acid with lager gel particles what is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) gel, which means that Perlane  contains no animal products. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin and other tissue, so there is no need for a skin test when using Perlane filler.

Perlane  it can  be used for structuring the face for weak cheekbones or weak jawbones, and it can  help to  lift really deep nasal labial folds or smile lines. Many  studies   made in  Europe where the product has been widely used indicate that side effects are rare. The most common side effects have been temporary redness, swelling, itching or tenderness. These side effects usually resolve in a few weeks.

Perlan injection can be performed by a doctor or nurse who are experienced in the field of dermal filler. And this procedure must be done with no mistakes, you  should take care and select a board certified physician who is familiar with the technique and skillful. Always  you should ask if the doctor or nurrse is aware of the product and has undergone a training program with fillers.

Discuss  with your doctor to see if this would or would not be right for you. In my opinion I’d avoid these procedures on a regular basis since they art only temporary. It may be a good procedure to consider if your getting married or any other big event where you want to look your best but remember if that is the case to get the procedure quite ahead of time in case of any side effects.