Phytosphingosine Acne Treatment

The scientists from Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science that for to boost natural defense properties of the skins you have to apply phytosphingosine directly on the skin.

Phytosphingosine it is very important in antimicrobial defense and it is member of the actives lipid found in the skin surface. Phytosphingosine display a important anti-inflammatory functions.
This new acne treatment have no long term side effects and the combination between  anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of Phytosphingosine acne treatment should be a nice change. This product will be found on market as creams and lotion.

The recently studies show us that phytosphingosine it was tested on 30 people on a period of 60 days. These person have an average age of 20 years with moderate acne. This treatment show us that he can reduce blackheads and pustules with all most 72%. The scientist also make a compartion between phytosphingosine acne treatment and placebo treatment, and they concluding that phytosphingosine was significantly better than the placebo treatment in controlling the development of new blackheads, and noticeable reducing the number of pustules.

This new acne treatment can be a new hope for acne suffers who try everything on the market and doesn`t work.