Dos and Don’ts to Enhance the Chances of Success of Liposuction

Dos and Don’ts to Enhance the Chances of Success of Liposuction

Is liposuction effective? Yes; in most cases, this procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat from different body parts has shown remarkable results for individuals, especially for those who have a close to normal body weight. However, whether it is effective for you or not depends on a number of things.

Is there a way to ensure the chances of success of this procedure? Well, there is no way to ascertain this; however, it is possible to increase the chances of success of this procedure with some measures.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for you that may help you to attain your objective.


Do follow every instruction of your surgeon. The surgeon or the cosmetic surgery clinic issues instructions for patients prior to the procedure. These provide you the guidelines about eating and drinking as well as avoiding certain medications or giving up smoking before the procedure. It is important that you follow every one of these instructions.

You need to tell your surgeon about any health condition you have beforehand. This helps him/her to assess your eligibility for the surgery. Certain health conditions, such as infections, may make it difficult to achieve success with this procedure.

Do understand the risks and complications. These are common to all surgeries. The procedure may result in bleeding or swelling for a considerable period. There may be other side effects such as discolouration as well. Your surgeon must provide you the details of the possible risks and complications before you make any decision.

It is possible to reduce the risks if you opt for a skilled and experienced specialist. Even then, you need to be aware of the possibilities before you sign the consent form and agree to the liposuction.

Don’t expect impossible results. If you are a healthy individual and your only problem is the small deposits of fat in certain areas, liposuction can do wonders for you. It would get rid of these pockets and help you improve your appearance. However, if you want the procedure to act as an alternative way to lose weight, it would only disappoint you.

The success of liposuction depends on as much as the actual results as on the way you expect the results to be. If you had unrealistic expectations, the results would always fail to impress you, even if they were pretty good!

Do give time for the results to show. You can perceive an improvement in the body contour immediately after the procedure is complete. However, liposuction results in considerable swelling of the site. You may not be able to perceive the full results of the surgery until the swelling subsides completely and the skin retracts to its position.

It may take anywhere between 6 months and a year to perceive the results of the procedure. You may be in a hurry to see the results; after all, you have paid the hefty liposuction prices, but it may take some time.

Don’t forget your diet and exercise. If you think that the results would remain the same even if you practice a sedentary lifestyle, you are mistaken. The results of liposuction would remain effective only if you stay fit and active. That means you need to continue the well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Only a healthy lifestyle can ensure that your body retains the effects of the procedure. Otherwise, you may get back those ugly deposits of fat in the same areas or on other parts of the body and you may have to get the procedure again.

A little care can help ensure that the liposuction procedure is a success for you.

Emily Murphy is a cosmetic surgeon. She provides an overview of the dos and don’ts that can help increase the chances of success of the liposuction procedure. She also focuses on the importance of the skills and experience of the surgeon when you plan to get liposuction in Ireland.