Acne and summer

acneWhen summer arrives, everybody start to go outisde and spend more time outside in the sun and enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Unfortunately when we spend more time ouside in the  sun we incres the risk for developing acne and that can bring a downer on the summer fun.

These combination between summer temperatures and went outside in the sun  increases the body’s sweating and exposure to dust, dirt, bugs, etc. For the moment you may not realize what hapend with your skin when dust and sweat will combine. To sweat when you walk in the sun it is a natural thing ,but combination between dust and sweat on your face creates a perfect mixture for clogging pores  and increasing breakouts.

In hot summer days it is good to make 3-4 shower on a day and wash you face so. In this way you will have the skin clear and your pores will be open all the time, and acne will not be  a problem for you. Remember to pat dry , use a moisturizer that has sunscreen.

Another way to get rid of acne is to keep yourself  hydrated, this time of year you need more water in you system so drink lots of it.

And if you want to go to  the beach you have to use an oil-free sunscreem with high spf. When you are in the beach you must be careful not to get too tan because the sun damages you skin and pores.. It is good to wear a hat to protect you face from the sun as well but remember that sweating will make the interior of the hat dirty so be sure to clean it.

Following these steps will help ensure you have fewer breakouts from the summer heat. So go enjoy the summer and have fun.