Take a holiday to improve your health

Take a holiday to improve your health

Winter seems to have been going on forever in the UK. Just as the sun starts to peek out from the clouds, the snow starts again. With April showers just around the corner, you will probably find yourself wanting a holiday. And the good news is that you don’t have to feel guilty for some much-needed time off, because holidays can seriously improve your health!


Firstly, jetting off to Portugal, Spain and other sunny spots can give your body a vitamin D boost, which can help your body build up its immunity to illness and help promote good bone health. Just make sure you stock up on some SPF15+ suncream at the airport so you don’t leave your skin unprotected, and remember to stay well hydrated with lots of cold water and non-alcoholic drinks to keep you cool in the sun.

A holiday can also massively reduce stress levels. Don’t feel obliged to keep your phone on for the entire holiday or check your emails every day. If you do, it won’t feel like much of a holiday at all. Holidays can also help you sleep, because you won’t have constant work worries or home dilemmas stressing you out, and you’ll probably sleep well because you’re so tired from walking, swimming and exploring all day. Driving past pretty scenery can also be relaxing, so try to make some time to catch all the gorgeous views.

You may also find you eat better on holiday. You will probably want to opt for lots of fresh local produce, and your favourite naughty snacks won’t be available, so you may find yourself choosing fresh fruit over chocolate or a healthy seafood dish over a fat-laden ready meal. You may even find some new foods you love enough to prepare yourself at home!

Being on holiday gives you the opportunity to try lots of new activities you might not get a chance to experience back at home. For instance, if you head to Switzerland, you can try your hand at skiing, in the Algarve you can have a go at golf or in the Caribbean you can practise your snorkelling. Anything that gets you moving can only be good for your body, and you’ll feel better for learning a new skill too. Even walking on sand burns significantly more calories than walking on flat ground, and swimming is brilliant exercise for the whole body.

Spending time with friends and family can also help you relieve stress and unwind. Even playing cards back at your hotel or bonding over a cocktail can be a good way to calm down and forget about any issues back at home, meaning you’ll be able to return to the UK with a clear mind and a fresh sense of perspective.

Emma Lawson is a travel enthusiast who writes informative, inspiring articles about all things holiday-related.