Tentative Skin Types Vulnerable To Acne

Tentative Skin Types Vulnerable To Acne

Indeed the type of skin you have leads to various ailments and skin conditions. If you have a tight, dry and irritated skin, it will be susceptible to acne, pimples and other conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Hence your skin is the biggest source of embarrassment.

You know they say “walk just a mile in my shoes”. But no one would ever want to spend a day in this skin type. If you don’t address this condition, excessive acne is inevitable and using inappropriate products on this skin type can repeatedly trigger acne breakouts. When the skin gets irritated and dried, it appears discolored, rough and red.

What’s worse is the fact that the moisturizers contain alcohol, oils and extracts that can again trigger allergies. When the skin gets tightened, more sebum is trapped within the pores. This provides fuel for the growth and sustenance of bacteria in that region.


The solution is pretty simple, your skin needs to be moisturized. If you live in a place where there is dry skin, you need to keep your skin hydrated using humidifier. Moreover, in extreme dry conditions, dehydration needs to be prevented. Just about 5 glasses of water will do the trick. However when it comes to choosing any skincare products, your options are not that straight forward. Some of these pointers will help you decide the do’s and don’t’s for your skin.

  • Prevent foaming products if you have dry skin because acne will get aggravated.
  • People from Asian ancestry especially some Japanese can get bad reactions from using any foaming cleansers.
  • The use of hydroquinone peels will not work to suppress blemish in dry skin and might even permanent pigmentation.

Skincare for dry skin

So what exactly is needed to prevent acne in dried skin? Acne care requires hydrating the skin with best moisturizers, but not anything complicated. Try using natural products like jojoba oil, cocoa butter and those containing cholesterol. It will naturally hydrate your skin. You might want to stay away from products with fragrances. Trust me, they are not good for sensitive skin.

  • Gentle cleansers are best for this skin condition. You can use Positively Radiant Cleansing Pads, or La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser, or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. In some cases, cleansing with oil is recommended. Jojoba oil is known to work wonders here.
  • Once cleansing is complete, spray facial waters for hydration. All such products have water as the diluents and it is free of chlorine, which could be a severe irritant of skin, and they contains selenium and/or sulfur, the potential soothing agents of the skin. Make sure the water is not evaporated before you apply the moisturizer, or applying the water spray won’t be of any use.
  • After that apply retinol cream for blemishes. Retinol is a type of vitamin A responsible for stimulating the growth of the skin. This prevents dry and rough skin from getting worse and trapping acne bacteria within pores.


Acne prone oily skin

A skin type that releases too much sebum is again susceptible to an endless routine of blemishes. You will notice that people with this skin type have cheeks filled with one or two blemishes at a time. The skin gets ugly brown spots and then more blemishes follow. Yet, drying out this skin is not the solution.

What makes matters worse is the fact that even after reaching adulthood, this form of acne does not disappear like it usually happens for non-oily skin. In some women with oily skin, acne gets worse with increasing age. Moreover, the use of birth control pills or pregnancy can change hormone levels, which is another reason for oil production.

As a result, the pores will be clogged and pimples start to develop. They will take some time to get cleared leaving behind brown spots known as melasma. In individuals with darker skin, the melasma is darker. It could be risky to use products designed to clear such spots because when it is applied to the wrong skin type, it could leave permanent discolored spots. However, some basic acne care will prevent frequent breakout and skin discoloration.

It will be a revelation to know that heat is the biggest threat for people with oily skin who often suffer from acne. Most acne sufferers have sensitive skin and they can face an outburst from sunburns, body waxing and other irritant containing products. It starts with redness and then you will have brownness in skin. And then these pimples may stay on your skin longer than you can imagine. In some cases, these spots remain on the skin years after they were formed.

Skincare for oily skin

The cycle of acne, melasma and pimples can be stopped in people with oily skin by preventing internal inflammation. But before dwelling over the plan let’s first try and avoid the situations that can make acne worse in people with oily skin.

  • Avoid plucking facial hairs because then you are messing with the pores which can lead to acne cycle.
  • Use of hair removing creams can cause melasma and you certainly can’t risk your facial skin for such an experiment.
  • Close shave razors would again trigger acne which explains why men with oily skin tend to have acne after getting a shave.
  • Sometimes very hot or spicy foods can trigger rosacea or acne breakouts but there is no complete proof for this. Avoid it just in case.
  • In some cases sauna baths can provide enough heat to trigger acne flare-ups.

After basic preventions, you will need a day to day treatment plan for acne prone skin. So here is goes:

  • Start your morning by applying a cleanser containing salicylic acid. This mild cleansing agent prevents clogging of pores, kills bacteria, and treats inflammation so that the red spots on your skin don’t turn into brown.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is yet another effective agent against active pimples and tea tree oil is not recommended for this skin type.
  • Even oily skin needs moisturizers if you have too much sun or heat exposure.
  • Use of sunscreen is essential while going outdoors especially in warm climates. This will prevent direct exposure of the skin to heat.


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