ThermaClear and Zeno For Acne Treatment

ThermaClearThermaClear and Zeno are  lasers for  acne treating that have gaining popularity. ThermaClear and Zeno use heat to penetrate the skin. These lasers for  acne treatment it kills bactria and heal the lesion faster. And now you wonder how these lasers for treating acne works?

We discover that Zeno and ThermaClear cost about $150. Both lasers for acne treatment have not been comparated against other acne treatment, soo we can say if these lasers for acne treatment will give better results than other laser acne treatment.

Other research discover that  Zeno and ThermaClear have no effect against blackheads, whitheads or cystic acne. They found that these devices go for people that have clear skin that get the occasional single red blemish.

The manufactures Houston-based Tyrell Inc. and Therative in Livermore, Calif realizing that they have spent money on a devices that don`t help too much acne suffers, but they decide to put these device on market because they want to recover the money they invested in these devices. These acnea treatment it is a big trick  and give false hope to acne suffers.

Our advice is to keep your money and go to a doctor or a dermatologist to discuss with them about your problem and take a treatment that they will prescribe for you. You must to remember that acne will not cure very fast, you have to invest time and patience for this fight.