Treatment for Acne

treatmentAcne problems are of various types. It starts with a few pimples and blackheads, but if unattended for long, turns into many on face and the body. Now-a-days, there are many natural healing available for treatment of acne. Adult acne healing  such as olive leaves are a great treatment for pimple outbreak. Proper diet and nutrition are important in combating severe skin conditions. Sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, cutting down on oilk and junk food will help in healing acne.

Some of the simple methods can be tried to help cure acne. Face should be washed at least five to six times a day. Face should be scrubbed gently with a mild soap. While undergoing treatment for acne, it is best to be away from using oil based cosmetics. Water based cosmetics can be used to help the skin. Whole-grains and vegetable juices help a great deal. Fatty foods, rich carbohydrate food and dairy products should be avoided. Vitamins of A,E, B complex and C should be taken along with mineral zinc. In the case of men, shaving the face should be done carefully as any scratch or irritation may increase pores and blackheads. Exposure to sun at some level is beneficial healing  acne. Suntan should be totally avoided and proper attention should be given on choosing cosmetics.

Spironoloctone can reduce the production of androgens. This activates the production of sebum that is found in the oily skin. If the sebum gets blocked and there is no way to escape, it may be the cause for the outburst of acne. This results in restricting androgen that may help in the treatment of acne infection. Another medication that can be attempted is Doxycycline to prevent acne infection. This antibiotic helps reduce the bacteria from forming within the hair follicles that causes the acne outbreaks.

Steam treatment can also be done for curing acne. Water should be hot enough to produce steam. Mint, eucalyptus should be added to hot water. This steam healing not only is good for acne but also helps cleaning sinuses. Steaming bowl should be kept on the table and should sit in front of the table. A soft towel should be placed over the head and should be bent in a comfortable position to ensure that as much steam is channeled to the face. The face should be close to the bowl but not as close that it may scald the skin. Both the eyes should be closed and the stream healing  can go on for about 10 – 12 minutes. With the help of acne removal tool, breakouts should be removed gently and carefully. Once this process is done, oil free moisturizer can be used with an anti-acne agent.

Acne healing  is done to prevent the pore from getting blocked. It is also done to kill the bacteria and bring down the production of sebum. Vitamin A creams or Vitamin A can be taken every-day.  Though there are several kinds of acne healing  available, the approach in handling the healing  may not be the same. It is best to wash the face after every outing as there may be some bacteria which will increase the pores and result in outbursts. While washing the face, it is advisable not to touch the acne affected area as it may worsen the infected part.