Treatments for ACNE

treatmentsAcne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is a disorder that finally leads to pores and outbreaks of lesions. The most common form of acne is called acne vulgaris. Acne lesions can appear on the face, chest, back and shoulders. Though acne may not pose danger, it is advisable to treat acne at the initial stage. People of any age can get acne. In most cases, acne disappears around thirties, but in some cases, it may not.

The exact causes of acne are not clear, but if attended and treated at the right time, it can be cured. Once the procedure is working thoroughly, the sebum developed by the sebaceous gland would make its technique to the skin’s floor as a result of the pores, washing out dead pores and skin and assists cleanse the body.  When there is no way for the serum to get out, the pores are clogged and this results to acne. The occurrence of acne has close link to the changes that take place from childhood to puberty.

Acne breakouts happen when sugar content is taken in heavy levels. Sugar levels spark the release of excess levels of insulin that results in excess production of some hormones. One of the best ways to treat acne at the initial stage is to cut on sugar levels. It is ideal to be on a sugar-free diet that can help to a very large extent for the breakouts of acne. It is advisable to avoid baked foods, rice, potatoes and cereal products. Food items that have lot of sugar break down into glucose and increases the production of insulin. Sugary fruits and vegetables  should also be taken at low levels.

Though the exact cause of acne is unclear, doctors believe there are several factors that result the acne. The main reason is due to the increase in hormones called androgens that increase in adolescent stage. Another possible reason could be due to heredity or genetics. Children can inherit to develop acne from either of the parents. Though acne occurs among most teenagers, it can strike at any age.

There are various types of treatments offered with a proper prescription from the medical practitioner. Antibiotics help reduce acne if taken at proper levels. Over-dosage of antibiotics can result to the development of antibiotic resistance bacteria. It is advisable to try for natural products in treating acne as it will not have any side effects. Acne treatment if not taken properly can have disastrous effects that it starts to affect the self-esteem of a person. While undergoing treatment for acne, one should not just think about the blackheads and blemishes getting cleared, but should bear in mind that the skin should look healthy and clean.

There are unlimited treatments that one could try. Benzoyl peroxide can be tried but if there is no effect, it is best consult a dermatologist. Retin-A is the latest medicine that is made from vitamin’s retinoid metabolite. This medicine reduces the formation of new acne forming and also helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles. This increases the cell formation and allows blocked materials from the hair follicles. This medication enhances the sensitivity on the pores and skin to sunlight and irritation.